Top Budget Meals for Students

Lack of money is one of the primary issues that students experience. They have a lot of expenses and low income. Therefore, a lot of undergraduates have excessive student debts. Meanwhile, young people need a lot of energy to maintain active lifestyles and brain activity. They need to consume many calories that will deliver plenty of energy, having limited budgets.

Fortunately, the diversity of tasty meals is almost limitless. In the post below, you will find a selection of the best budget meals for those who obtain higher education and have no money to order meals or eat out. Moreover, most recipes are simple, so it won't take much time to prepare the meals listed below.

Sloppy Joe Burger

It is one of the most popular dishes among students. It is easy to prepare even if you have poor cooking skills. Meanwhile, this dish delivers a lot of calories, which is important for young people who need to stay active as much as possible. There are a lot of different Sloppy Joe recipes available. Therefore, you can get any combination of sweet and savory tastes.

Nevertheless, the classic recipe is the most popular one. To prepare a tasty Sloppy Joe burger, you need to grab buns, minced beef, onion, salt, pepper, and tomato sauce. Also, you need to take a skillet and allocate about 20 minutes of your time.

Firstly, you should heat a skillet and fry minced beef until it gets brown. Don't forget to sprinkle some salt and pepper. Then, chop an onion and add it to the meat. Fry the onion along with beef for several minutes. Finally, you should pour tomato sauce and simmer all the ingredients. Note, tomato sauce adds sweetness. Therefore, if you don't like meat burgers to be sweet, you can add extra seasonings that will help remove sweetness.


Noodles are an irreplaceable component of student life. It is a cheap and fast-to-make meal. These days, there are a lot of noodles of different tastes. Ramen noodles are the most common type. However, if you don't like it, you can easily find any noodles in a corner store. To prepare it, you should boil water and pour it into the bowl with noodles. In five to ten minutes, it will be ready to consume. Don't forget to add seasonings and sauces that come into a package.

Unfortunately, noodles are not healthy. They don't deliver many nutrients as well. However, they can help fight hunger for a short period. You can make a portion of noodles with only ten minutes of spare time.

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Pizza Bagels

If you like pizza but cannot afford to order it, there is a great alternative. It is cheap and simple to prepare this meal. Moreover, there is no need to use an oven, so you will be able to make a lot of mini-pizzas in 20 minutes quickly. First of all, you need to get bagels and cut them alongside. Chop some sausages and grate cheese. Also, you can get additional products like canned corn or pineapples to supplement your mini-pizzas with the products you like the most.

Put tomato sauce on sliced bagels. Then, add chopped sausages and grated cheese. If you want to add more ingredients, you should put them at this stage. Place all the bagels on a plate and put them into a microwave oven for up to five minutes. Let the cheese melt. After putting the pizza bagels in a microwave oven, let them cool down for several minutes before serving.

Chicken Wrap

It is a simple and affordable dish that students can prepare fast. It offers space for creativity because you can mix any ingredients and wrap them in a flatbread. The classic recipe needs to prepare and mix particular ingredients. It is worth noting that you will be required to allocate plenty of time to make a chicken wrap.

First, you need to grab a chicken breast and slice it. Add salt and seasonings. Preheat an oven and bake the sliced chicken breast for around 25 minutes. In case you don't have an oven, you can use a skillet. Fry sliced meat until it gets brown. Next, you should chop some tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. Also, grate some cheddar cheese. Put all the ingredients, including the sliced chicken breast, on flatbread and roll them up.

Potato Fries

Indeed, you can easily purchase frozen french fries in a store and prepare them at home. However, it's much cheaper and tastier to make potato fries by yourself. You need to grab potatoes and peel them. Then, you should slice them. There is no need to make slices thick. Then, it's recommended to put the sliced potato into a bowl with cold water for an hour.

If you want your fries to be crispy, you should get rid of any moisture. Feel free to use paper towels to dry all the slices after putting them out of the bowl. Then, you need to apply olive or sunflower oil to them along with salt and seasoning. Put all the slices on a pan and bake until they become golden. Don't forget to bring a sauce before serving your homemade potato fries.

Baked Eggs with Tomatoes

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To prepare this dish, you should grab several eggs and tomatoes. Heat skillet and pour some olive or sunflower oil. Put eggs along with chopped tomatoes on a pan. In case you have cherry tomatoes, there is no need to dice them. Having some spare time, you can peel tomatoes to enhance your dish. Nevertheless, it's not a requirement. Also, you need to sprinkle salt and some seasonings. Bake the eggs in a pan until they get prepared.

The good thing about this dish is that it's very customizable. For example, you can add chopped sausages, grated cheese, or some frozen vegetables. Any combination of these ingredients won't spoil baked eggs with tomatoes.

Poor Man's Burrito Bowl

This meal is budget, tasty, and is easy to cook. First of all, you need to prepare rice. Bring a cup of rice and rinse it. Then put it into a bowl, add water, and simmer it for 20 minutes. When cooking the rice, you need canned kidney beans and tomato sauce. Also, chop greens and grate some cheese. When rice is prepared, you need to put it into a bowl and beans. Put chopped greens, grated cheese, and tomato sauce on the top. 

Potato Salad

It's a cheap and popular dinner dish. There is no need to have well-developed cooking skills to prepare potato salad. For starters, you should bring potatoes and boil them. Don't peel them before boiling. Use a fork to understand if they are prepared. If it can go through potatoes in a bowl, they are ready. Put boiled potatoes out of a bowl and peel them. Let them cool down to make the process hassle-free. Meanwhile, you need to boil eggs. Bring several eggs and boil them from 9 to 12 minutes.

Chop eggs and boiled potatoes. Also, chop greens, celery, pickles, and onions. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add some mayo. Add some salt, black paper and serve the dish. Note, it is required to spend a sustainable amount of time preparing the salad. Therefore, you need to manage your schedule to not compromise on crucial academic tasks.

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Hummus with Vegetables

It's a great pick if you want to get a cheap healthy meal without spending a lot of time behind a countertop. Feel free to purchase a can of hummus in a store and put it on a plate. Get some vegetables and slice them. You can consider bell pepper, celery, tomatoes, or cucumbers. Also, don't forget to bring whole wheat bread.

Such a combination of products can deliver a lot of nutrients to maintain an active lifestyle. Also, this dish has a perfect combination of carbs, proteins, and fat. Therefore, save this cheap student meal idea if you're a student who is concerned about healthy nutrition.

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