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Marinating Chicken In Dairy: A Complete Guide

The picture of raw chicken floating away in your fridge for hours in a container filled with yogurt, milk or buttermilk may be sight difficult to imagine for the uninitiated. Some may even find it a bit gross. However, we promise that once you learn a little bit more about this technique and give its tender, juicy results a go, you will too become a full convert who will never grill a dry chicken breast ever again.

Marinating meat in dairy is not a novelty. Humans have been using yogurt and milk to tenderize meat Yogurt Your Meats: It’s Part Science, Part Spiritual | TASTE for hundreds of years and this technique still remains one of the best and easiest ways to infuse it with flavor. Cuisines such as those from Iran, India, Lebanon, Turkey and Italy are rife with dishes in which meats such as chicken, lamb or pork are soaked in yogurt or cooked in milk.

How To Use An Instant Pot

Food preparation takes time. It also takes an understanding of how to perfectly prepare different dishes and foods for the ideal meal. Cooking with an Instant Pot is like cooking with any other type of pressure cooker. So, if you are trying to Google, "how to use or how to cook with a pressure cooker", then you have come to the right page.

Cooking with an Instant Pot does not take long to learn and master. It only requires patience and a willingness to adjust settings for your own needs. There are many different ways to use an Instant Pot, and some of them requires experimentation with your recipes.

What is an Instant Pot?


An Instant Pot is almost whatever you need it to be. The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, multi-use appliance that allows steam to do the cooking for you. The pot is safe and easy to use for anyone who loves rich food full of flavor to use.

Who needs an Instant Pot?

An Instant Pot is ideal to use for all sorts of occasions. It is more than for the busy adult rushing to work or try to give the kids a healthy meal. The Instant Pot is perfect for creating family meals, college dorm food, or preparing for the chili cookout. They can keep food warm for buffet lines, and as your entire family comes and goes to their daily activities.

How to use Instant Pot?

Using an Instant Pot is an easy thing to do. There is little variation between models on the steps for operation. There will be buttons for different temperature settings, and in some cases, buttons for the type of foods you are cooking.

The main differences between Instant Pots extend to certain functions within the newer models, including buttons not previously included, such as the egg or cake buttons. Here are some steps on how to use an Instant Pot:


Step 1: Planning your cooking

Set up your Instant Pot where you plan to use it. Most Instant Pots come with very similar accessories and might look slightly different depending on the model. If you are cooking a food item that has a button such as rice, you can use it to ensure your rice comes out the perfect softness and texture. Follow the Instant Pot instructions provided to balance the ratio of water to rice for the lightest rice you can imagine.

If your Instant Pot does not have a convenient button for cooking your food item and it is the first time you are using the pot, you will need to watch it to prevent accidentally burning your food and to make sure you reach the right consistency. Instant Pot instructions are available online with different recipes and cooking times.

Step 2: Cook Time, Temperature and pressure Settings

The cooking time and temperature depend on the type of food you are cooking and how you want it to turn out. You can follow the buttons and see how food turns out, but that is not very accurate. The most common buttons for an Instant Pot are:

- Manual or Pressure Cook

The manual or pressure button is the one you will use for most of your cooking. Recipes online well often have this as the main setting for your Instant Pot. You use the pressure cook button with the "+" or "-" to help set the time your meal will cook. You cannot exceed two hundred forty minutes for cooking.

- Slow Cook

The slow cook button is a pre-programmed setting to let your food cook for up to four hours. The "+" and "-"can help you to adjust the cooking time as not all foods require four hours to cook. On newer models of the Instant Pot, you can adjust the temperature setting between low, normal, and high with a range of one hundred ninety degrees up to two hundred ten.

- Pressure Level

The pressure level button will help you switch between low and high-pressure cooking. You use the buttons one right after the other. Start with The Pressure cook button to indicate what you want to do with the Instant Pot then select the pressure level button to switch the level of pressure you want your food to cook with.

- Keep Warm/Cancel

The keep-warm button gives your food a low simmer after it is cooked. The setting is ideal for a family gets together or when you need to keep your potluck food hot while everyone gets something. Keeping the food warm will display a timer to start counting for the amount of time you want your food to be in this setting. You can also use it to cancel any settings already programmed into your pot.

- Yogurt

The yogurt button helps you to pasteurize milk and cook it into yogurt. The settings are adjustable depending on the settings you select, such as using the normal button to make yogurt and the more or fewer settings to pasteurize milk or make fermented glutinous rice. Making yogurt adjusts the temperature of the Instant Pot to a range of one hundred six degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred thirteen degrees Fahrenheit.

- Sauté

The sauté button will help you to brown your meat and other foods. The sauté button does not require you to close the lid, or you can use a glass lid to monitor how your food is cooking. It is a good way to prepare sautéed meat or veggies before starting the slow cooking process in the same pot. The sauté mode runs for up to thirty minutes before you have to change settings or cancel.

- Delay Start/Timer

The delay start button is perfect for preparing a meal before you leave for work. The meal will automatically turn on when you set the timer for the right time to start. You can set the delayed start for up to twenty-four hours in advance.

- Rice

The rice button pressure cooks at a low setting without you needing to set anything. The Instant Pot should automatically adjust to the amount of water and rice you add to the pot so you will not need to change the "+" and "-"settings. You can cook rice using the manual setting, which can be better for making some types of meals.

- Soup/Broth

The soup/broth button is perfect for making something for those cold winter days. The ingredients will simmer in a normal setting than warm for the length of time you want. The soup will cook anywhere from twenty minutes if set on high pressure to forty minutes on high or low pressure.

- Meat/Stew

To cook meat properly, you will need more time. Selecting the meat button will automatically cook the food for at least twenty minutes, and you can adjust the settings for more as needed.

- Bean/Chili

The beans and chili button is set to cook at least twenty-five minutes. You will be cooking on a normal default setting at least twenty-five minutes, depending upon the pressure setting.

- Poultry

Cooking chicken or other birds means using the poultry button. The button sets the perimeters for cooking, and you can adjust the settings for cooking with a normal default starting at five minutes with a high-pressure setting. The amount of poultry you add and how you cut it up will help you to determine the settings and time you should adjust to.

- Multigrain

The multigrain setting will help you to cook up wild rice and beans at a higher pressure setting. Selecting the multigrain button and adjusting will give you adequate time to soak the rice and beans through high-pressure settings. The least about of time you should be cooking multigrain is at twenty minutes in a high-pressure setting. Forty-five minutes will give your multigrain a good warm water bath with a sixty-minute pressure cooking setting.

- Porridge

Cooking large amounts of porridge is made a lot easier in an Instant Pot, You can set the porridge button to a low-temperature setting and adjust for a sow, fully cooked meal that requires at least fifteen minutes of cooking time on a high-pressure setting.

- Steam

Steaming foods requires the use of a steam mode and additional tools like a steam basket or rack. The basket or steam rack will keep the food out of the bottom of the Instant Pot where it can burn. It will also ensure the food cooks uniformly with pressure monitoring. If you are steaming vegetables, it is more likely you will overcook them if you do not monitor them.

Setting Interpretation

The settings for the Instant Pot are preset to the type of food, though you can do generic settings with specific cooking times. Though one of the best settings is the warm button, which ensures you can keep the meal you prepare warm for hours as you need. Just remember to stir occasionally, so your food doesn't burn or get hot spots.

The models might vary, but the buttons you will push will indicate the level of pressure, time, and temperature you are cooking at with the tight security lid locked in place. Regardless of your setting, you should keep the lid secure during cooking for safety reasons. Pressure cooking food is an excellent way to prepare all kinds of dishes at whichever temperature will cook it the best, but steam can still burn you if you are not careful.

An Instant Pot will pressure cook your food with temperatures up to two-hundred-fifty degrees Fahrenheit for some types of food. That is hotter than boiling water, which only reaches two-hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit. Watching the temperature is important with the stovetop cooker, but an Instant Pot regulates the temperature with built-in sensors.

The built-in sensors allow you to be able to mix up your favorite stews or rice dishes and let them simmer for as long as you choose. They also work well for sautéing foods before you pressure cook them. Newer models often come with additional cooking setting such as egg and bake buttons.

Instant Pot Smart Wifi

The Instant Pot Smart Wifi contains many of the features that you might expect with each of the other models. However, it outdoes each of these by adding in smart technology and much more. This should mean that you’ll be able to do much more with it than many others.

Perhaps the largest draw of this is the Wifi connectivity that it has. This should mean that you’ll be able to set and control your settings from anywhere. It also means that you should be able to monitor your dish when it’s cooking.

This can be done from anywhere, so you shouldn’t have to be tied to the house if a particular dish takes several hours to cook. The Instant Pot app is also included with this, which offers over 750 recipes to try out. This could be an attractive thing for quite a significant number of people.

There’s also a variety of pre-programmed settings that you can use. These should be accessed with one touch, which should mean that they’re easy to start using.

What foods cook best in an Instant Pot?

6 Quart Premium

Any meal you prepare where you want moisture is a good meal for a pressure cooker. The ones that require steaming also turn out well. The Instant Pot produces a wet heat to help keep the foods from drying out as they cook. Having a fair amount of moisture will ensure your stew meat does not become tough or for your rice to dry out.

The best way to use an Instant Pot is for braising, steaming, or boiling your meals. Picking foods or meals that complement these cooking styles will help your food turn out the best. These meals can be loaded with vegetables, savory meats, and seafood. You can also add beans and rice to the mixtures for quick and easy side dishes.

How to Clean Instant Pot

How to Clean Instant Pot is not a hard thing to do. The main thing you are not to do is immerse it in water as it can damage the pot. The Instant Pot comes with cooking baskets and a pot that comes out of the cooker. These you can hand wash carefully or even put in the dishwasher for some models.

You can hand wash the pot without leaving in water. Using soap and warm water will help to remove cooked-on foods without damaging the instant pot. Do not immerse in water.

Final Thoughts

Cooking With an Instant Pot requires time to understand how to set and time each food item for your tastes. They are a terrific asset to have in the kitchen and will make your life a lot easier to fine-tune for perfectly cooked foods. Whether you are cooking for a family or preparing for the office party potluck, they will make your food come out right.

Wild Alaskan Seafood Review


With all of the news regarding false labeling of seafood plus unsanitary growing and harvesting practices, I thought I should shine a spotlight on a wonderful company that I discovered selling wild caught, sustainably harvested Alaskan seafood. 


Wild Alaskan is an online Fishmonger. They work with several sustainable seafood purveyors and ship the best of what Alaskan waters have to offer directly to your front door every month.

Look at Wild Alaska Company like a direct line to a commercial fisherman. If you’re interested in eating the best quality fish but haven’t been able to find it at your grocery store, Wild Alaska can provide it for you.

Wild Alaskan is a monthly subscription service. You choose between what type of fish you would like, the number of portions that are delivered and finally the frequency that you want the boxes delivered (either every month or every other month) and then choose any add-ons if you’d like.

Currently, the package options are:

  • Wild Salmon
  • Wild White Fish
  • Wild Combo

Plus, there are Premium add-ons available.

In the first three options, you can choose they type of fish but not the exact varieties. The Wild Salmon box comes with a mix of Sockeye and Coho salmon, while the Wild White Fish box has a mix of white fish, such as Halibut, Cod or Pollock. And lastly the Combo box is a mix of the salmon and whitefish offerings.

Each package comes in two different sizes. You can select either the 12ct or 24ct pack size. Each piece is 6-8oz and individually packed.



Wild Alaskan currently offers several varieties of seafood that have all been sourced from some of Alaska’s highest quality catch. The companies operations are rooted in trust and sustainability. 3 core tenants of this belief are;

No Mislabeling. All of the products you receive are accurately labeled to avoid any confusion.

No Fish Fraud. No substitutes will ever be passed off as the Real McCoy. Your wild caught Pacific Cod is exactly that.

Guaranteed Wild Caught and Sustainable. All of the fish that is harvested and delivered to your door is harvest from the north Pacific using sustainable practices from carefully managed stocks.


The 12 ct box which includes; 12 of the 6-8oz portions of seafood costs $131.88 delivered, or $10.99 per serving.

The 24 ct box, which includes; 24 of the 6-8oz portions costs $239.76 delivered, or $9.99 per portion.


  1. You can choose a monthly subscription, or every other month.
  2. If you’re still working through your last box, you can delay your subscription by one month.
  3. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  4. Their customer service is helpful and happy to address any issues you may have.
  5. High-Quality, Wild-Caught Seafood Shipped Directly to Your Doorstep. Save $15 on your First Order! Coupon Code: 15OFF

5 Simple And Easy Creole Mustard Substitutes You Should Know About

Every once in awhile, I encounter an ingredient that I didn’t know about before. In a recent case, that’s Creole mustard. I may have cooked numerous recipes that made me familiar with all sorts of ingredients, but I never really heard of Creole mustard until I decided to make this New Orleans-style sauce.

Since I don’t really let my lack of knowledge interfere with my cooking, I did a little research and I found out what Creole mustard is. Unfortunately, it was an ingredient that I had no access to. But that didn’t stop me from making my New Orleans-style sauce.

I ended up doing a bunch of research and after a couple of hours, I learned about 5 different Creole mustard substitutes that I’m going to share with you below. Read on and let’s start cooking!

What Is Creole Mustard

Before we get into my short list of Creole mustard substitutes, let me first give you a brief introduction on what Creole mustard is. After all, it’s always a good thing to know what you’re about to put in your food.

Creole mustard is basically a spicy version of mustard that originated from the southern east regions of the United States. It originally came from Louisiana and it was inspired by German, African, French, and Spanish flavors.

Creole mustard has this grainy consistency that distinguishes it from other kinds of mustard. It has become so because of the excess mustard seeds that come with it. It also comes with a rather spicy taste unlike other mustard varieties.

It is an ingredient that is often used for sauces, dips, sandwiches, salad dressings, glaze, and marinades.

5 Creole Mustard Substitutes You Should Know About

If you happen to need a batch of Creole mustard, but don’t have any at your disposal, you can rest easy knowing that you can always create Creole mustard from scratch or you can easily buy an alternative from your local supermarket.

Here are 5 simple alternatives that you can use in place of Creole mustard that you can either buy or make at home.​

Simple Homemade Creole Mustard

This is probably the most basic Creole mustard recipe in this list. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, and you prefer to work with very little ingredients, this recipe is definitely the one for you.

You can easily make a batch of homemade Creole mustard from a handful of simple ingredients. To create a homemade batch of Creole mustard, all you will need is 6 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, half a teaspoon of worcestershire sauce, and a spicy element such as hot sauce or tabasco sauce.

To make your Creole mustard, simply mix all of these ingredients together. Make sure that you have thoroughly mixed these ingredients in order to get an even flavor with every scoop.

This recipe will help you create an authentic tasting Creole mustard that you can use for sauces, dips, dressings, marinades, and more.​

Grainy Creole Mustard Recipe

If you wish to create a more authentic-feeling homemade Creole mustard that comes with the consistency of the real thing, all you will need is a cup of toasted and ground mustard seeds, a cup of dry white wine, a clove of peeled and minced garlic, a teaspoon of celery seeds, a teaspoon of allspice, half a teaspoon of salt, a quarter teaspoon of ground cloves, an eighth of a teaspoon of nutmeg, two tablespoons of tarragon vinegar, and two tablespoons of malt vinegar.

To make this recipe, you will need to whisk the white wine, celery seeds, garlic, salt, allspice, nutmeg, and ground cloves together. Once thoroughly mixed, you will have to bring it to a boil and steep it by removing it from heat just when it comes to a boil and setting it aside without a cover for 2 full hours.

The next thing you need to do is pop the mustard seeds by placing them in a skillet over medium heat. Once the seeds pop, remove your skillet from the heat and cover it with a paper towel for up to 10 minutes.

After letting the mustard seeds cool, you should then proceed to grind it up until you end up with a coarse set of grinds. Once the mustard seeds are all coarsely ground, you should then add it to a bowl followed by the malt vinegar and tarragon vinegar. Start creating a paste by thoroughly mixing these three ingredients together in a large bowl, and then set it aside.

The next thing you should do is reheat your wine mixture in a saucepan over high heat at bringing it to a boil. After reheating the wine mix, strain it through a cheesecloth as you transfer it to the bowl that contains your mustard paste. Whisk all of these ingredients together until everything is completely combined.

Store this mix in a jar or two and keep it in a dry place away from heat for 3 whole weeks before using it in your recipes.​

Whole Grain Mustard

If you prefer to have a Creole mustard alternative that is extra grainy, then you should probably go with this whole grain mustard recipe instead of the other ones included in this list.

Whole grain mustard is basically a variety of mustard that comes with mustard seeds that have been ground to for a rich paste. Since this variety of mustard still comes with whole mustard seeds, it possesses a coarse texture and a very thick consistency that distinguish it from other mustard varieties.

If you ask me, this is probably the best kind of mustard to use for dressings or to pair with sandwiches and cheese plates since it is made with wine and brown or black mustard seeds instead of vinegar and yellow mustard seeds.

To make a batch of whole grain mustard, all you will need is a quarter cup of brown mustard seeds, a quarter cup of yellow mustard seeds, half a cup of dry white wine, half a cup of white wine vinegar, half a teaspoon of kosher salt, and a teaspoon of light brown sugar.

Once you have gathered all of these ingredients, simply mix them all in a bowl, cover the bowl up, and set it aside at room temperature for up to two days before use.​

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is often used as the base for making homemade Creole mustard, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not as good of an alternative on its own.

Dijon mustard has this smooth consistency that makes it ideal to use as a base for several kinds of sauces and dips. Unlike other varieties of mustard, Dijon mustard packs a lot of heat and comes with a rather pungent flavor.

Dijon mustard can be used as an alternative for Creole mustard on its own because it is made with hot brown and black mustard seeds that give it a strong and sharp flavor. It’s the kind of mustard that is ideal for vinaigrettes and mayonnaise mixtures.​

Hot Mustard

Hot mustard is often associated with Chinese cuisine. It packs a really hot flavor because of its ground black and brown mustard seed content.

This kind of mustard is made with seeds that don't undergo the usual process for suppression of heat. When hot mustard is made, the mustard seeds it contains are not mixed in acid, hot water, or wine. The absence of such heat suppressors ultimately brings out the heat packed within the brown and black mustard seeds.

You can easily buy hot mustard from your local supermarket or you can make a batch yourself at home. Do take note that store-bought hot mustards usually pack in less heat than homemade ones because they are less potent.

If you wish to create a truly potent batch of hot mustard at home, all you will need is a quarter cup of dry mustard powder, a quarter cup of cold water, and an eighth of a teaspoon of salad oil.

Once you have all of these ingredients prepared, all you have to do is mix them all in a bowl, whereas you place the mustard powder in the bowl first, followed by the cold water, and then the salad oil. After thoroughly mixing these ingredients, simply cover the mixture for one hour before use.

How To Properly Store Your Mustard

Now that you know very well about the different Creole mustard substitutes you can buy or make at home, I figured it’s probably best to let you know how to properly store your mustard to make it have a long shelf life.

Store bought mustard, whether it is opened or unopened, can last for up to two years when stored in the fridge. Homemade mustard, on the other hand, can only last for a year, regardless of being opened or not.

To make your stash of mustard attain a lengthy shelf life, all you have to do is store it in a clean and airtight container, avoiding using dirty utensils for scooping, and avoid placing it in a moist and hot place.

How To Tell If Your Mustard Is Bad

If you happen to have a bottle or a jar of mustard that has been stored away for a year or so, and you want to figure out whether it’s still good to eat, all you need to do is rely on your senses.

The first things you should look out for are discolorations and mold build-ups. If you find any signs of these two, you ought to throw that batch of mustard away.

Another thing that you can try is sniffing out bad odors. If any foul odor is present, there’s a pretty big chance that your mustard is already spoiled.

The Bottomline

Creole mustard is one variety of mustard that you can easily replicate at home. If you need to get a hold of Creole mustard, but can’t, remember the 5 different alternatives that can easily take its place.​

Keep in mind that the next best thing to Creole mustard is whole grain mustard, hot mustard, and Dijon mustard. You can also try adding in a couple of ingredients such as whole mustard seeds, wine, and Worcestershire sauce to Dijon mustard to attain a more authentic tasting Creole mustard alternative.

If you have any questions about this article, please leave a comment in the box below. Also feel free to share this article with your family and friends. Thank you and happy cooking!​

How To Make The Mcdonald’s Sausage Gravy Recipe

Even though fast food has gotten a bad rap for lacking the quality that other restaurant foods can offer, you simply can’t deny how comforting fast food can be. Mcdonald’s for one is a fast food chain that has made numerous people from all over the world quite happy with their cheeseburgers and fries.

But aside from their famous burgers, one meal has always stood out from the Mcdonald’s menu, and that’s the Mcdonald’s breakfast sausage meal. However, I personally think the sausage gravy is the ultimate star of this dish. It has a great creamy yet salty taste that is rich yet not overwhelming at the same time.

Because of my love for Mcdonald’s sausage gravy, I decided to find a way to make it at home myself. After all, I couldn’t just run back and forth to Mcdonald’s to and buy a whole meal every time if I’m just after their gravy.

After a little bit of research, I finally found out the right Mcdonald’s sausage gravy recipe. I figured that I may not be the only one who constantly craves for this sauce, that’s why I decided to write this simple guide on how you can make it at home.

See full recipe here.

How To Cook The Famous Ronzoni Lasagna Recipe

Of all the types of pasta in the world, my true favorite is the lasagna. Unlike most kinds of pasta, lasagna is a very hearty dish that you can fill will all sorts of ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and cheeses.

What I love most about lasagna is that it’s very easy to make for parties. Unlike regular spaghetti that would require you to perform all kinds of culinary tasks such as continuous stirring and sifting, lasagna recipes only require you to prep and wait. You really don’t have to do anything in the cooking process.

Want to try making your own lasagna at home? If it’s your first time making lasagna, I suggest you go get a box of no-boil Ronzoni lasagna for easier cooking. Don’t worry if you don’t have any clue as to how you can cook it, because in this article I will provide you with all the instructions you need in order to cook the Ronzoni lasagna recipe.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!​

See full recipe here.

All You Need To Know About The Dallas BBQ Sticky Wings Recipe

I can’t forget the first time I had a taste of those sticky wings from Dallas BBQ. Unlike other BBQ chicken wings I have tasted, the ones from Dallas BBQ were very succulent. I can even remember licking off the sauce from my fingers because I ate the whole thing with my hands.

Ever since then, I have gained a constant craving for Dallas BBQ sticky wings. The problem is, I don’t always have the time to go down to the restaurant and wait to get served, especially when Dallas BBQ is usually a busy place.

Because of my constant craving for their sticky wings, I set out to try and create my own version right at my kitchen. After a couple of tries, I finally ended up with something that’s very similar to Dallas BBQ sticky wings.

If you too would like to cook a batch of yummy Dallas BBQ sticky wings, then I would like to encourage you to read on. This article will contain a simple guide on how to cook my made-from-scratch Dallas BBQ sticky wings recipe as well as a couple of tips on how you can add a twist to it to make it a little better.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

See full recipe here.

How to Make Pesto at Home (Italian vs. United State Recipe)

Martin Scorsese once asked “If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant”, and it is a pretty reasonable question. There is more to add to it, though: If you know how to prepare your own pesto, why would you buy it in a supermarket?

Without any doubt, pesto is one of the world’s most beloved sauces, and if Italians started a war for world domination with nothing in their hands but this aromatic wonder, we would all surrender to its charms without putting up a fight.

Now if you want to be a master in the skill of making pesto, instead of a humble servant purchasing an already made product in a jar, read this comprehensive guide so you can later share your wisdom with your friends and family.

How To Clean Toaster Ovens The Right Way

Cleaning up kitchen appliances is an essential part of keeping healthy because of the simple fact that those things are responsible for preparing and cooking our food. One of the most hard working kitchen appliances in most kitchens today is the good old toaster oven.

A lot of people all over the world rely on toasters to get perfectly toasted bread, waffles, pizzas, and all sorts of food on a daily basis. Even as you read this article, I’m sure that somewhere in the world there’s a toaster oven being used right now.

Something that’s used that frequently should obviously be kept sanitary. If you have seen your toaster oven and you felt like it needs some cleaning but you have no idea how to properly do so, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I will be telling you all about how to clean toaster ovens and what you will need to do so. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

The Only How To Rafferty’s Potato Soup Recipe You Need To See

Rafferty’s potato soup is undeniably one of the best potato soups you can taste in the culinary world. What I like about Rafferty’s potato soup is that it’s very rich in flavor and it doesn’t come with too many ingredients that can overpower the taste of potatoes.

Another thing I like about Rafferty’s potato soup is that it’s pretty easy to make. With a couple of ingredients at hand, you can perfectly replicate Rafferty’s potato soup at home.

If you’d like to learn how to make Rafferty’s potato soup right in your own kitchen, all you need to do is read on. This article will contain a short how to guide that includes the Rafferty’s potato soup recipe and the instructions you need to follow in order to make it.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

See full recipe here.

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