Best Turmeric Substitutes

Tired of pondering what to use rather than turmeric? Too lazy to leave and buy that one spice you’re missing? Well, worry not because there are several spices you’ll use rather than turmeric.

Turmeric is the most typical ingredient employed in most recipes around the world. You’ll be able to never run out of this magical and wholesome ingredient, but if you are doing, then you’ll be able to use a substitute in your recipe. 

Other than giving beautiful color to any dish, it’s impressive health benefits and a novel flavor. Turmeric is additionally appreciated for its anti-inflammatory effects and anti-oxidant levels.
However, few herbs and spices have a flavor like turmeric and may be the most effective substitute. The specified effect may be brought by using these spices. These work identical to turmeric and are used no matter the aim.

Six most generally used Turmeric Substitutes.

Saffron, seasoning, cumin, ginger, and annatto are the most effective turmeric substitute options. Mentioned below are the explanations why we use them as a substitute for turmeric.


Saffron may be a prominent substitute. Though being expensive, it’s still widely utilized by numerous people as an alternative to turmeric. It’s primarily famous for bringing about identical color like turmeric. 

However, there’s a large amount of difference in their health benefits. The considerable price variation might encourage you not to use saffron, but it can produce a magical difference in an exceedingly few recipes. Last, it’s an honest turmeric backup.

Curry powder

It is a mixture of several herbs and spices. An essential ingredient of seasoning is turmeric so, this can be as near turmeric as you’ll get without having it in your kitchen. Flavorer contains additional ingredients like seasoner and cumin, which are the dear elements of turmeric similarly. 

You will not need the other spices in an exceeding recipe as the seasoning is an impeccable mixture of all herbs and spices. It makes the dish delicious. It’s high in capsaicin and low in iron, curcumin, and manganese.


Yet, one more fantastic substitute for turmeric is ginger. Ginger will be easily found in every kitchen. As results of being from an identical family, both turmeric and ginger have similar properties. However, their health benefits vary from one another. 
Ginger is most fitted to inflammatory and gastrointestinal ailments. Turmeric is an exceptional cancer-preventing agent. It improves heart health conditions and is helpful for weight loss. Ginger remains a root, though the powder is also widely available, whereas turmeric is in powder form.

Mustard powder

Mustard powder is another go-to spice in turmeric, though it’s an incomplete character of turmeric. It supplies a related yellowish color to a dish. Adding it to the plate can serve similar functions to turmeric.


Cumin and turmeric, mixed, are utilized in several dishes; hence, they will compensate one another. Cumin incorporates a strong flavor, but it can give the identical effect as turmeric if used after accurate measurements.


Annatto or Cuban turmeric contains a stimulating resemblance to turmeric. It’s the same color and health benefits as that of turmeric. Its mild flavor is additionally similar, and till now the closest thing to turmeric one can find.

The above mentioned were the six ingredients that may be employed in place of turmeric. They’re yet the simplest turmeric substitute options. So, the subsequent time you ran out of turmeric within the middle of cooking, don’t panic; instead, use these ingredients and heighten the flavor of your dishes!

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