The Only Sabatier Knives Review You Need To See

Ever tried slicing a piece of meat or chopping some vegetables with a dull knife?

 If you have, I’m sure you noticed how hard it was to penetrate the surface of the ingredient. Dulled out knives aren’t just a hassle to cook with, but can be really hazardous to use as well.

 In fact, there are more occurrences of cutting accidents that happen with dull knives than with sharp edged ones.

This is why it’s important to get a nice piece of cutlery that doesn’t easily get dull and can be sharpened without much effort. When looking for such knives, I can’t help but think about a certain brand, the Sabatier.

If you are currently looking for a new cutlery set or a new knife for your kitchen, I highly suggest checking out the knives under the Sabatier brand.

Don’t know a thing about Sabatier knives? Read on and find out all you need to know in this Sabatier knives review article I have prepared below.

Quick Comparison: Top Sabatier Knives 2022

Sabatier Knives You Need

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Sabatier Self-Sharpening Edgekeeper Pro

This knife set is the ideal choice for those looking for a complete cutlery set to add to their kitchen. This set includes a knife block, six steak knives, a paring knife, a utility knife, a slicer knife, and two all-around chef’s knifes. What more could you ask for right?

What’s great about this set is that it comes with a knife block that has a built-in knife sharpener that helps keep each knife sharp and aligned. You also don’t have to worry about rusting since every knife in this set is made with stainless steel that’s rust resistant as well.


  • Comes with 12 knives
  • Comes with a knife block
  • The knife block has a built in sharpener
  • The knives in the set are rust resistant


  • Is not dishwasher safe
  • The knife block can tip over when half empty
Sabatier 10 Inch

This 10-inch chef’s knife can cost you a couple of bucks, but it’ll be surely worth every penny since it’s made with authentic carbon steel that will surely last you for years to come. This piece of cutlery is made in the legitimate Sabatier factory in Thiers, making it a truly remarkable knife that doesn’t only have an attractive look, but has quality performance as well.

What’s great about this knife is it’s overall design. It has really ergonomic handles that are just a breeze to grip, making the knife feel as if it’s a part of your body. This means easy maneuvering when it comes to chopping, slicing, and cutting all sorts of ingredients.


  • Comes with comfortable handles
  • Ideal for all around kitchen use
  • Has a very attractive design
  • Made with carbon steel
  • Is very sturdy


  • Cannot be dishwashed
  • Is highly susceptible to rust
  • Requires a lot of effort in maintenance
  • Is a bit expensive
Sabatier 15-Piece

This 15-piece knife set is one of the two Sabatier knife sets I have included in this list. This one comes with six steak knives, a paring knife, a fine edge utility knife, a serrated utility knife, a santoku knife, a slicer, and a chef’s knife.

Every knife included in this set is made with high quality carbon steel that’s not only stainless, but rust-proof as well. Needless to say, the knives in this set will surely last you years provided that you properly maintain them.

Aside from getting 15 pieces of cutlery, you will also get an attractive looking wooden knife block that you can use to effectively store your knives.


  • Comes with 15 different types of knives
  • Comes with a wooden knife block
  • Knives are made with stainless and rust-proof high quality carbon steel
  • Is very affordable


  • The wooden knife block can easily get chipped
  • The knives are not dishwasher safe
Sabatier 8 Inch

This 8-inch chef’s knife is ultimately the ideal choice for any home cook who is looking for a fine knife for cutting, chopping, and slicing a variety of ingredients including meat, vegetables, and fruits.

What’s great about this knife is that it’s made out of high carbon steel that’s not only durable, but keeps its sharp-edge for a long period of time. What’s more is that it comes with a nice seathe that has a built in sharpener for maintaining the blade’s sharp edge.

Another interesting thing about this piece is it’s highly ergonomic handles that you can comfortably grip as you perform your culinary tasks.


  • Comes with a seathe
  • The seathe has a built in sharpener
  • Comes with ergonomic handles
  • Is made with carbon steel
  • Ideal for all around use


  • Isn’t dishwasher safe
  • Is susceptible to rust

This santoku knife comes with a very classic looking design that can make it easily fit your existing cutlery set at home. What I like about this knife is how easy it is to use for chopping vegetables and for slicing tough skinned fruits such as tomatoes.

Another thing I liked about this product is that it comes with its own seath that has a built in sharpener for easier maintenance of your knife’s blade. Not that you have to sharpen it often, because it’s made out of highly durable carbon steel that doesn’t even really get dull easily.


  • Comes with its own seathe
  • The seathe has a built in sharpener
  • Ideal for chopping vegetables and slicing fruits
  • Is made out of carbon steel
  • Does not get dull easily


  • Is not dishwasher safe
  • Is a bit too light for cutting large chunks of food


Sabatier Knives

Sabatier is a well-known French brand in the cutlery world. This brand has become known for producing highly durable knives made with carbon steel. Being made with such a piece of material, knives under the Sabatier brand tend to be very sturdy and sharp-edged.

What’s great about Sabatier knives is that you can get them customized. Can you imagine a cutlery set with your last name etched on the blades edges? Pretty cool right?

Sabatier offers a large selection of knives from all-around chef’s knives, filet knives, santoku knives, steak knives, utility knives, you name it.

The typical Sabatier knife is entirely forged, meaning that the blade, bolster, and handle are crafted from one piece of carefully selected carbon steel (here is a refresher on knife parts if you need it). The design and grind of the knife are hand-applied by a specialist. The result is a top-of-the-line knife that would be an asset to any kitchen.

How To Care For A Sabatier Knife

Though Sabatier knives are very sturdy and can last you years, they still need to be properly maintained to for added longevity.

One issue that Sabatier knives can face is rusting. Once rust has settled into a Sabatier knife’s blade, it can easily become irreparable. To avoid such circumstances, the people behind Sabatier recommend caring for their knives by applying these simple tips:


After using your Sabatier knife, always see to it that it gets cleaned after every use. After washing it with soap and water, wipe the knife with a clean cloth to ensure that it’s thoroughly dry.

Take note that carbon steel Sabatier knives are not dishwasher safe. Putting them in the dishwasher will only make them susceptible to rust.


When storing your Sabatier knife for a long period of time, it is highly suggested that you grease it up so that it wouldn’t get moist. This is the perfect way to prevent rusting.


Keep your Sabatier knives’ sharp edges by sharpening them once or twice a year. You may also want to use a honing rod before using the knife to completely align its blade.

Sabatier Knife Design

As with any type of object you wish to purchase, it’s always a good idea to have a set of factors to review before you shell out your hard earned cash.

Let’s start with its handle. The handles of the knives here are quite comfortable and easy-to-use. Thanks to its hollow structure, they are lightweight and they create a perfect balance. It provides the cooks with optimal control thanks to its ergonomic design. One criticism could be directed to the material. Even though it is still non-slippery, I would have liked a wooden handle for better aesthetics and stability.

The primary material of the blades is high-carbon stainless steel. High carbon is good for long endurance and stainless steel is perfect for stain-free and corrosion-free knives.

Here are a couple of things you should consider before getting a knife or a set of knives. Do not refrain from checking these factors out because going over these can significantly help you become a happy and satisfied customer.

Blade Style

A knife’s blade can come with a plain edge, serrated edge, and a micro-serrated edge. Though you may think that there’s very little difference between these three blades, you shouldn’t get fooled into thinking that the type of blade on your knife can’t affect the way you cut, slice, or chop your ingredients.

Simply keep in mind that plain edged knives are the ideal choice for slicing fragile ingredients such as fish. It’s also the ideal choice for peeling tough skinned fruits such as tomatoes. Serrated knives on the other hand are the ideal choice for carving meat and slicing thick and dense chunks of food. As for micro-serrated knives, they can be used for all sorts of cutting and slicing, but I personally think that they work best for dining.


There’s a plethora of knives that you can find in the market today. Some knives can be used for cutting, chopping and slicing, while others serve a more singular purpose such as opening stubborn clam shells. Before you buy a piece of cutlery, make sure that it fits the purpose you are thinking of using if for.

Ergonomics and Balance

Try to choose a knife that can offer you with enough balance to perfectly maneuver it when cutting, chopping, or slicing any kind of ingredient. The way to find the balance of a knife is through the design of its handle.

Make sure that the knife you are planning to get comes with a handle that’s easy and comfortable to grip, especially if you are planning on using it for a long period of time.

Complimentary Tools

Knives can come with different types of accessories such as seathes, chopping boards, whetstones, sears, knife blocks, and even honing rods. Though I don’t really suggest basing your purchase on the free gifts that come with the product, it’s still nice to consider how much you are getting for the price of a single knife.

Maintenance and Cleaning

One factor that you should never forget to consider is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. Try to choose a piece of cutlery that requires minimal effort to clean and maintain. This could mean going with a piece or set that’s dishwasher safe and rust-proof.

The Winner

The Sabatier Self-Sharpening Edgekeeper Pro 12-Piece Forged Triple Rivet Knife Block Set is surely a great choice for any home cook who is looking for a fine knife set. What made me suggest this knife set is it’s complete selection of knives that are made out of high carbon steel, stainless, and not susceptible to rust. I also favored this set because it comes with a knife block that has a built in sharpener for easier maintenance in the long run.

If you have any questions about the article above, please do not be shy to leave us a comment in the box below.

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