20 Best Substitutes for Ricotta Cheese for Your Favorite Recipe

There are times when we plan to cook something special for our families and loved ones, but suddenly realize that we are out of some ingredients, resulting in a mood spoiler. So if you are planning to prepare some fantastic recipe from the creamy and soft Ricotta, but unfortunately can't find it in your kitchen, all you need is its substitutes.

What is Ricotta Cheese?


Ricotta cheese is typically used by many cooks in the kitchen as an addition to their pasta, lasagna, or pizza, and sometimes also as a topping.

The word Ricotta typically means "recooked", in simple language. It is an Italian cheese which is made using Whey leftover, the liquid you can make by straining and curdling up the milk.

It is very fluffy, moist, and light cheese. This is one of the creamiest cheeses you can get your hands on which can go perfectly with the sweet dishes too. Well yes if you go the gist it is CHEESECAKE! It has such mild, light, rich, and sweet taste in a perfect balance that it fits perfectly with both the savory and sweet dishes.

It just has one drawback: it cannot stay edible for long. The airy texture that it has indeed comes with a price because as compared to other cheese it spoils much and much faster.

How to Make Ricotta Cheese?

How to Make Ricotta Cheese

Did you know that you can make your own homemade Ricotta Cheese, all you need is some fresh and juicy lemons, some milk, a pinch of salt, and 20 minutes of your spare time. To make creamier ricotta cheese, always choose full-fat milk.

Steps to make ricotta cheese:

  • Step 1- Take the full-fat milk in the pan, and heat it at 200°F
  • Step 2- When the milk starts boiling, add 2 spoons of lemon juice. You can also add two spoons of white vinegar instead of lemon juice.
  • Step 3- Stir it well with a spatula, and add a pinch of salt
  • Step 4- Let the milk mixture still for 8-10 minutes
  • Step 5- Take a clean and soft cloth, or if you can find a cheesecloth that can be great. Strain out the curdy milk in the cloth. Whatever leaves on the cheesecloth, is your homemade Ricotta cheese.

Substitutes for Ricotta Cheese

Here we present you a list of the 20 best Ricotta cheese substitutes that make your recipe equally creamy, cheesy, and delectable, as with Ricotta cheese.

1.Cottage Cheese:

Cottage Cheese

First off, cottage cheese is on rescue, because it is both light, mild, and creamy. Some people already prefer cottage cheese over Ricotta as the flavor is somewhat the same, but it has fewer calories than ricotta cheese. But it is the fact that cottage cheese is less creamy than ricotta cheese. Just remember when replacing the cottage cheese in the place of ricotta cheese in a recipe, add a small amount of it or half as the quantity of Ricotta mentioned in the recipe, you don't want to mess up the texture.

2.Goat Cheese:

Goat Cheese

As a substitute to Ricotta cheese you can use freshly made goat cheese, and not so old as the aged goat cheese hardens with time and their smell gets very strong as the day passes. Just add the suitable amount of goat cheese as a replacement and you are good to go.

3.Sour Cream:

For yet another substitution for ricotta cheese, you can never go wrong with sour cream. In dishes where there is not a lot of requirement of cheese, you can use it for making the vegetables and different types of dips for the sides. You can add various herbs and use them with baked potatoes, cakes, and curry. But there are dishes like pizza or pasta that you cannot use. In this case, go with cottage or Goat cheese.

4.Cream Cheese:

Cream Cheese

While comparing the creaminess and moistness Ricotta cheese and Cream cheese are somewhat the same. The only factor that differentiates both of them is that cream cheese has higher fat and calories as compared to ricotta cheese. It can be a perfect addition to your lasagna, veggies, dips, a good spread on your bagels, etc.

5.Queso Fresco:

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is the name heard by very few people. It is a Mexican Cheese. It is the perfect substitute for the dishes wherein the cheese stays uncooked. Can be used for making various types of stuffing, the infamous Mexican dishes like enchiladas and chili stuffing, etc. It can also be grated or sliced to have it with casseroles, soups, fruits, etc.



Mascarpone's taste is a little different from the ricotta cheese so you have to keep in mind the quantity that is to be used while cooking. It is recommended to use it in dishes with strong flavors otherwise it may take over to the milder taste of other ingredients of the dishes. But it is indeed the great Italian substitutes to ricotta cheese.

7.Parmesan Cheese:

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is the perfect swap of ricotta cheese when you're cooking something savory and with heavy creamier sauces for lasagna or pasta. It is a hard cheese one can also grate it and use it by mixing it with other soft cheese to balance the taste. It will be the best Italian classic.


Isn't mozzarella cheese is everyone's favorite of all time. In particular the soft mozzarella cheese. Both Ricotta and mozzarella are made of leftover whey, it's just that mozzarella is much milder. While cooking with mozzarella cheese you can incorporate other cheese as well for a much better flavor. Perfect choice for pizza, baking, or lasagna.


Topfen is the cheese that is generally found in Germany and Austria. It is made with the help of sour milk. It has a creamy and sweet texture with a bit of an acidic and tangy trace. It is most commonly used while making desserts, like cheesecake, strudels and also sometimes with pasta or pizza. 


Requeson is another Mexican cheese that is widely used. It is also made with the Whey leftover and then it is heated then skimmed to be drained into the baskets. It has a milky sweet taste. As compared to the ricotta cheese it is much more spreadable. It contains a strong flavor good to go with Mexican dishes like taco filling, bolillos, tostadas, for desserts in dips or filling or even as a side of beans.

11.Pot Cheese

As compared to the ricotta cheese, pot cheese is a little bit drier but it is the same when it comes to crumbliness and softness. This cheese indeed has a firmer texture. This cheese is less fat and salt so without a doubt a good replacement to the ricotta cheese also it is high on protein which is the additional benefit that it serves.

12.Paneer from Lemon Juice

Paneer is widely known as the Indian cheese, which is made with the help of cow's milk and then cooked with lemon juice. The best part about this is that it never melts. To use it as the substitution for ricotta cheese, you first need to blend and crumble it. After that, you are good to go with your pasta, curry with peas or spinach, lasagna, pies, marinated and grilled meats, and even with your desserts. 

13.ButterMilk Cheese:

ButterMilk Cheese as compared to ricotta cheese is just the same when it comes to moistness. It has a creamy yet sweet taste and comes with a little bit of acidic trace which is good for the recipe that demands the ricotta cheese. You can use it in your pasta fillings, cheesecakes, pound cakes, etc.

14.Clabber Cream:

Clabber cream and Ricotta cheese have the same level of consistency, so if you are meaning to make a pasta filling blindly go for clabber cheese as the replacement. The attribute that makes clabber cream so different is the rich and mild sour trace in it. It is most commonly used as the cream topping on various pastries and cakes like scones etc.


Brousse Cheese is made out of sheep or goat's milk, it is very soft. So those who are not a fan of dairy and lactose tolerance can have it as this cheese is very easy to digest. It is perfect to go with uncooked dishes and baking.

16.Fromage Blanc:

Fromage blanc is a bit of an expensive substitute for ricotta cheese but indeed totally with it. Originated from France. It contains the consistency of yogurt, with a buttery yet fresh taste. This is good for spreads, mostly used while making the desserts.

17.Coconut Cream:

Coconut cream is a substitute for ricotta cheese for vegan people. It is very creamy and smooth, with a watery texture. Its sweetness and fluffiness make it different from the ricotta cheese. It can be used with several types of shakes, smoothies, baked food, etc.


Chevre is the soft cheese you can get your hands on made with the help of Goat milk. It is French cheese. As compared to the ricotta cheese it has a slightly stronger taste. It is saltier and can be used while cooking pasta, lasagna, baked dishes, etc.

19.Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel sauce is a white sauce with a very silky, neutral, and smooth flavor. Combine this sauce with your favorite cheddar cheese and it can do wonders with your recipe. You can use it in pasta, baked potatoes, roasted vegetables, lasagna, etc.

When you have nothing to replace, the ultimate savior comes to the rescue. Yet another vegan option to swap with the ricotta cheese or any sort of cheese for that matter. It perfectly resembles the crumbliness of the ricotta cheese. Just before using it to cook, soak and blend it nicely and you are good to go.

So when it becomes really hard to find the ricotta cheese, the cheese mentioned above comes in handy.

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