Why Is Avocado So Popular And What Does It Taste Like?

It’s not exaggerated when I say that the whole world is obsessed with avocados. Everybody’s social media is filled with delicious recipes, memes, and we all have at least one friend who carries an avocado with them everywhere they go.

 For any individual who hasn’t hopped on the avocado boat yet, you may be wondering, what does avocado taste like?

I’m here to tell you that in the most delicious and logical way imaginable.

What’s an Avocado?

There’s no disgrace in posing this inquiry; however, I would be pretty astonished if I heard it face to face. Your secret is safe with me.

An avocado originates from an organic fruit-bearing avocado tree. In some cases, they are called crocodile pears, dependent on their similarity to the pears’ shape, yet an avocado’s external skin is like a gator. In the wake of exploring, I discovered an avocado is a huge berry with seed in it. They’re loaded with healthy unsaturated fats and around 20 other nutrients and minerals, so this is a food you can genuinely enjoy without feeling remorseful.

Avocados ripe after they are harvested, which is why individuals are continually attempting to ensure they pick their avocados cautiously while in the store. If you pick an avocado that isn’t ready, it will be too hard; however, if it’s excessively ripe, then it’ll be too soft, and won’t taste good. So you better pick a good one. 

It is not rocket science, which is the reason individuals suggest eliminating the little stub on top of the avocado and seeing the shading underneath it to decide whether the avocado is prepared to be consumed or not.

What Does Avocado Taste Like?

I didn’t understand why avocados were so popular when I initially tried one for myself.  It was shockingly disappointing because they had no taste. But then when I tried again, I sort of understood why they are so popular.

Without even putting the avocado in your mouth, the first thing you observe is how velvety it is. When slicing an avocado down the middle, the blade slides through the avocado’s flesh portion as if it’s butter, really smooth. Removing the seed from the avocado is the most satisfying part. It just comes out so neatly; you just need to press the knife against the pit and afterward turn the avocado the other way around. This way, no portion of the avocado is wasted.

When I taste the avocado, I notice other than the smoothness is the consistency, or you may call it the richness. Avocado is very thick and creamy. For the first time, the people who’re having it should know that even when it looks think, it’s pretty dense, not airy, but not that heavy. Flavor-wise, it kind of relies upon the avocado and how ripe it is. There is no staggering taste; it’s sort of quiet. 

I would depict a few avocados as richer, while others have all the more a nutty clue to them. To be honest, eating an avocado is more about its texture than its taste. If I planned to place an avocado in one of the five taste classifications, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and umami, I would pick umami for avocado

This is generally the glutamate flavor, which is an amino acid found in nourishments like meats, dairy, fish, and vegetables. An avocado indeed doesn’t find a way into any of the different classes, and umami is the nearest classification I could discover that precisely incorporates the mellow kind of an avocado.

I would genuinely suggest giving an avocado a shot for yourself because you’ll never know how it tastes until you taste it yourself.


What Can I Use an Avocado For?

Since I’ve disclosed what avocado tastes like, you might be pondering, which recipes can I utilize an avocado for? 

The only right answer to that question is endless recipes. You can use avocado to make yourself a nice smoothie; you can make the avocado toast, you can consume it as it is, you can put it in a sandwich, you can make guacamole, you can utilize it instead of butter, and the rundown continues endlessly.

 In any case, there are a few cutoff points to utilizing an avocado. I would not suggest using an avocado as a cheeseburger bun substitute because the consistency is excessively delicate and soft. You’re only requesting a wreck by then.


Avocado is an amazingly adaptable food. You can utilize it in practically anything you can consider or simply eat it all alone. 

They’re additionally very satisfying, which is the reason avocados rule Instagram feeds and why the avocado hashtag is continually picking up posts.

I don’t know if I have successfully persuaded you to eat avocado or not, but I hope that I have helped you answer the burning question, what does avocado taste like? If you honestly want to know, then you have to eat it yourself.

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