Byte Review: Are Byte Aligners Worth It? [Honest Review]

*I have personally used Byte to fix my own teeth. See before and after pictures below.

Byte Review

There are many teeth straightening options on the market. 

So how can you know which is best for you? That's why Warm Chef decided to give you the ultimate Byte Review.

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What Does Byte Offer?

Byte is an online company that offers teeth straightening aligners made of smooth and clear plastic.

They ship their teeth aligners directly to your home. You don't have to visit your dentist even once. Your treatment plan would be prepared and monitored by Byte's licensed dentists and orthodontists. 

You can choose to wear your aligners at day time as prescribed for twenty-two hours per day or at night time for ten hours.

Byte stands out by providing the quickest high-quality treatment with the latest dental innovation.

What Sets Byte Apart?

Byte Review

Many companies offer home-based teeth straightening, but I wanted to write this Byte Aligners review because Byte is just different. 

What sets Byte apart is their quick yet no-compromise-on quality service and lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Byte uses a high-frequency unique vibration device known as HyperByte, which makes treatment faster and more comfortable. This device acts as a catalyst and completes the treatment in the time of three months. You don't have to spend 3/4 of a year on your teeth- straightening. 

After your Byte teeth straightening treatment, their byte-for-life guarantee ensures that if your teeth ever have a problem at any point in your life, after treatment, Byte will do your treatment for zero out of your pocket expense.

How Does Byte Work?

How does byte work?

The whole procedure at Byte is online-based. You don't have to go out whether for treatment, consultation, or purchasing their products, which they arrive at your doorstep to provide you with after the process.

To make a customized treatment plan for your unique teeth, you send them a picture of your smile using Byte's impression kit, which you order beforehand. The impression kit captures 3D molds of your teeth.

Byte's team of qualified dentists and orthodontists analyzes your teeth and decides if you are the right candidate for Byte's treatment. Once they ensure that you're eligible for Byte, they will create your custom treatment plan. 

Then they'll send you a digital preview of your post-treatment smile. After that, you can place an order, and they will send you your custom aligners at your home.

Pros and Cons of Byte

Byte Pros and Cons


  • Currently, Byte offers the fastest teeth straightening treatment. Byte uses high-frequency vibration technology, which helps your teeth get straight in just three months on average, whereas the other teeth straightening treatments take six to nine months on average.
  • They provide excellent customer service providing each customer with a personal Byte advisor to answer the queries.
  • They offer both night time aligners and day time aligners for teeth straightening. The nighttime aligners are made up of thick, granulate safe plastic and just require 10 hours of persistent wear every day. The all-day aligner requires 22 hours of daily wear.
  • Byte gives you a lifetime guarantee after you complete your treatment. On the off chance that you are having these problems again, Byte will provide you with teeth straightening aligners again without charging you a single penny.


  • They do not, as of now, offer teeth scanning services. You will have to order an impression kit, to begin with, the Byte treatment.

Is Byte Effective?

Does Byte work?

Byte gives you an orthodontic treatment, which is medical speculation. You would not want to commit to a specific organization without considering if it can convey your ideal outcomes. Byte is intended to address simple misalignment issues like minor spacing and crowding. 

This is the reason that the impression kit is so significant, and Byte's dental specialists will tell you about whether their treatment can accomplish the outcomes you need. Byte's Expert Dental Network has more than 200 authorized doctors, dental specialists, and orthodontists all through the United States. These doctors help manage your treatment from beginning to end.

Byte’s remote dental team securely and efficiently corrects most of the mild-to-moderate dental misalignments, including crowding, spacing, and minor bite issues.

To ensure that Byte is a decent option for you, the organization gives a 3D review of your "after" shot and how your teeth will look post-treatment. If you like what you see, they’ll create and ship your aligners right off the bat.

Byte gives you faster and more comfortable results by using unique vibration technology. This is what makes Byte stand out from other companies because of their use of technology in making their treatments more effective and comfortable. 

Byte has innovated two new technologies that are Smile Science and HyperByte. Byte constantly look for what betterment they can make to their services.

According to Byte, your teeth are not separate from your facial features; your teeth, nose, eyes, cheeks, and chin work together to create your unique and beautiful look.

The Smile Science treatment development software is exceptional. It breaks down your whole facial structure, as opposed to only your teeth.

Byte is currently the most effective teeth straightening product available in the market. Using Up to the minute dental technology to more typically move the teeth positively impacts Byte's viability and treatment time.

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Is Byte Expensive?

Byte's All-day Aligners costs you $1,895 & At-night Aligners cost $2,295.

In the past, when braces and Invisalign were used for teeth straightening, it caused a monetary burden for some people who cannot afford these expenses since teeth straightening was not a less costly thing back then. It was considered as a wholly cosmetic treatment, and because of that, it wasn't adequately covered by the dental domain.

Home-based teeth-straightening products cost less than the treatments that were used before. The rise of at-home teeth alignment innovation has expanded access to orthodontic treatment for a large percentage of individuals.

Home aligners typically cost somewhere in the range of $1,500 and $2,000, remarkably more budget-friendly than Invisalign, which can cost you $3,000 to $8,000.

This is somewhat higher than some other home aligner alternatives; however, it includes free whitening, aftercare retainers, and the HyperByte device.

This retail cost takes care of your treatment plan's expense, clear aligners, teeth whitening, and the HyperByte device, yet not the impression kit (which is $95).

byte additionally offers your first set of retainers with the price tag, which will set aside you an amount toward the finish of your treatment. Different services exclude retainers in the all-inclusive cost and rather upsell the retainer toward the finish of treatment for around $100. Byte offers reasonably solid, by and large, value for the first-rate professional treatment and technology you'll get.

Does Byte Offer a Payment Plan?

Byte provides several reasonable payment plans:

  1. Byte offers you a financing plan called BytePay, which gives you two options of down payment: Byte All-Day plan for $349 down payment followed by $83 per month for 29 months, Byte At-Night plan for $449 followed by $99 per month.
  2. You can go through a credit check to apply for financing with no initial installment through an outsider member called Affirm.
  3. Perhaps you have space in your financial plan and want to pay your treatment quicker(a half year or less), you can use Splitit at registration (0% APR, no credit check required), and you can build up a transient plan that works for you.

Byte's Smile protection program:

By choosing this plan, you will receive your new retainers every six months for five years rather than paying $129 individually for the aligners. This program is costly than the general treatment, but in the long term, you’ll spend less than if you would be purchasing replacements individually.

Byte provides the best services if you compare them with its other competitors. Byte provide a broad payment plan option, which even includes No Down Payment ones and requiring you no Credit Check. At the end of the day, whoever comes to them for treatment won't turn back without getting the solution.

Get The Best Price On Your Byte Impression Kit Now!

Byte Convenience:

Is Byte Easy?

Not everyone can take out time to go to the dentist whenever they say you should follow up again, be it rich or not, some people cannot take out time for this.

The free time some people get, they prefer to spend them with their family going out on trips. That is one of the reasons that home-based teeth straightening treatments were innovated.

You can have access to it while you're doing laundry, doing household chores, and with Byte, even when you come home from the office tired, you can wear those aligners at night.

What makes Byte and other home-based teeth straightening treatments more convenient and desirable by the people is that they offer faster results than Braces. 

You don't even have to go out, appoint dentists, wait for the day they give you an appointment, wait in the queue, and repeat the process if you have to revisit them.

Byte and other home aligner companies save your time by making online consulting an option, and after that, they ship your aligners to your home too.

What makes Byte better than its competitors is that it gives you results in an average of three months, whereas other companies like Invisalign takes an average of eight months or a year, and braces take more than a year.

Byte Aligners Design

Byte Aligners Design

It is a fact that some people don't want to make it open that they are having teeth straightening or any sort of such treatments.

They want to keep it somewhat confidential and between them and their treatment providers. This is one reason that Byte offers teeth aligners that are low profile compared to braces.

Byte's aligners stand out from other companies because that they use BPA-free plastic, quite different from other companies. 

Even though the other companies use BPA-free plastic too, variations in the materials they use and the manufacturing process make Byte better.

Byte aligners are cut straight across at the top, which influences their look and effectiveness. These aligners cover the gums, and others might can see where the aligners end when you grin; however, most clients don't discover straight-cut aligners more recognizable than scalloped ones.

Aligners other companies offer are frosted, while Byte aligners are smooth and shiny. Frosted aligners look fairly more natural than shiny ones because natural teeth are porous, which is why your teeth get stains from coffee and smoking.

Those pores make natural teeth appear frosted, not smooth, and shiny, which is because many people think that they seem a little less attractive. They feel it should make their grin glimmer. These attachments are not an option since Byte aligners don't involve face to face visits. Though arguably less ideal appearance-wise, a straight cut helps grasp the teeth better and apply up to four times the power measure.

Byte At-Night aligners give you an option if you don't want to wear your aligners in broad daylight. In your treatment phase, no one will notice your aligners because you wear them while you sleep. Wear them at night and remove them before going to the office in the morning.

Consuming food and drink without removing your trays is not a big problem because Byte aligners are 88% more stain-resistant; however, it is still better to remove them before you eat and drink.

Like most clear aligners items, byte's aligners are very subtle. However, you'll need to consider it while making your decision and ensuring you like the lustrous appearance before pushing ahead with the treatment.

Byte Customer Service:

Byte does try to give an incredible customer experience to their clients. Once you choose them for your teeth straightening treatment, they don't end up with you after completing the treatment that they'll consider you a new customer next time you have any problem.

Instead, they offer you lifetime support in one of their plans, as discussed above in the article.

Byte also provides each patient their own personal advisor, who helps you by answering your questions and even checks in by email through the patient's journey; this makes Byte an excellent customer-oriented company.

They reply to your queries on social media, too, within 24 hours. They also answer your phone calls on weekdays from 8 am-6 pm Pacific time.

Their byte-For-Life plan ensures to take client care to the exceptional level, and this is where Byte's client support truly sticks out. To put it plainly, they ensure your grin until the end of time. Subsequent to finishing your treatment, if your smile shifts anytime, later on, the organization will send you new aligners to assist you with recapturing your smile with zero out of your pocket expense.

No other company currently offers this kind of service, particularly at no expense.

They also offer a refund policy that is better than other organizations. If the specialists determine that this treatment is not suitable for you, you don't have to worry about the money you spend on purchasing their Impression Kit as Byte will refund its cost.

Byte’s Smile Protection Program

Byte's aligners are intended for half year wear, so you'll have to supplant them two times every year. It's important for the initial few years of wear. Byte's Smile Protection Program makes it easy as they automatically send you retainers twice a year for five years rather than you, marking dates on the calendar and remembering them.

You will get your aligners every six months. They also supplant any lost or broken retainers. You will automatically subscribe to Byte's Smile protection Program if you finance your treatment through BytePay.

Bottom Line: Is Byte Worth It?

Absolutely. Byte is a good option for people who want a quicker, safe, and effective teeth straightening treatment. Their HyperByte technology makes the treatment process faster than usual. Byte also gives their customers a lifetime guarantee, so to ensure their smile lasts their lifetime.

Get The Best Price On Your Byte Impression Kit Now!

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