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Marinating Chicken In Dairy: A Complete Guide

The picture of raw chicken floating away in your fridge for hours in a container filled with yogurt, milk or buttermilk may be sight difficult to imagine for the uninitiated. Some may even find it a bit gross. However, we promise that once you learn a little bit more about this technique and give its tender, juicy results a go, you will too become a full convert who will never grill a dry chicken breast ever again.

Marinating meat in dairy is not a novelty. Humans have been using yogurt and milk to tenderize meat Yogurt Your Meats: It’s Part Science, Part Spiritual | TASTE for hundreds of years and this technique still remains one of the best and easiest ways to infuse it with flavor. Cuisines such as those from Iran, India, Lebanon, Turkey and Italy are rife with dishes in which meats such as chicken, lamb or pork are soaked in yogurt or cooked in milk.

How To Make The Mcdonald’s Sausage Gravy Recipe

Even though fast food has gotten a bad rap for lacking the quality that other restaurant foods can offer, you simply can’t deny how comforting fast food can be. Mcdonald’s for one is a fast food chain that has made numerous people from all over the world quite happy with their cheeseburgers and fries.

But aside from their famous burgers, one meal has always stood out from the Mcdonald’s menu, and that’s the Mcdonald’s breakfast sausage meal. However, I personally think the sausage gravy is the ultimate star of this dish. It has a great creamy yet salty taste that is rich yet not overwhelming at the same time.

Because of my love for Mcdonald’s sausage gravy, I decided to find a way to make it at home myself. After all, I couldn’t just run back and forth to Mcdonald’s to and buy a whole meal every time if I’m just after their gravy.

After a little bit of research, I finally found out the right Mcdonald’s sausage gravy recipe. I figured that I may not be the only one who constantly craves for this sauce, that’s why I decided to write this simple guide on how you can make it at home.

See full recipe here.

All You Need To Know About The Dallas BBQ Sticky Wings Recipe

I can’t forget the first time I had a taste of those sticky wings from Dallas BBQ. Unlike other BBQ chicken wings I have tasted, the ones from Dallas BBQ were very succulent. I can even remember licking off the sauce from my fingers because I ate the whole thing with my hands.

Ever since then, I have gained a constant craving for Dallas BBQ sticky wings. The problem is, I don’t always have the time to go down to the restaurant and wait to get served, especially when Dallas BBQ is usually a busy place.

Because of my constant craving for their sticky wings, I set out to try and create my own version right at my kitchen. After a couple of tries, I finally ended up with something that’s very similar to Dallas BBQ sticky wings.

If you too would like to cook a batch of yummy Dallas BBQ sticky wings, then I would like to encourage you to read on. This article will contain a simple guide on how to cook my made-from-scratch Dallas BBQ sticky wings recipe as well as a couple of tips on how you can add a twist to it to make it a little better.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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What Is Chicken Base And How Can You Make It?

Chicken flavored soups and sauces can be made by using various ingredients. One ingredient I like to use when making gravy, stock, and soups is a nice thick chicken base.

If you haven’t heard of chicken base yet, then I urge you to read on because this is simply one of the most effective ingredients you can use to bring a rich chicken flavor to your dishes.

Don’t know what is chicken base? No problem! In this article I’ll tell you all about chicken base, chicken stock, and chicken broth as well as the differences between these ingredients. I’ll even share with you a simple way to make your own chicken base at home.

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How to Spatchcock a Chicken and Other Helpful Tips for You

Most of the time, chicken is present in every cuisine and recipe. It is a versatile meat which you can’t afford to miss in the culinary world. Though there are various ways to cook it, trying out new recipes could outstandingly bring out the real flavor and taste of the chicken. Now, have you heard of the words “spatchcock chicken”? That’s just one thing I’m referring to.

Amazing Facts Why You Need to Soak Chicken in Milk

Ever wonder why your favorite chicken recipe in your favorite restaurant tastes good and tender? Maybe it was because of the way they cooked it or it’s simply because of its meat. Now, it got you thinking what they did that you simply can’t figure out. To tell you what, you cannot simply identify what causes something especially if it’s unpredictable. It’s just like guessing what the secret ingredient of something is.

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Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Prosciutto

Hams are usually prepared during Christmas holidays, especially in some countries. The celebration won’t be complete unless a ham is present in the table. In most countries, however, this is the typical breakfast meal. Hams can be fresh, cured, or cured-and-smoked. These products are the cured leg of pork; however, fresh ham is an uncured pork leg.

Cured ham usually comes in deep rose or pink color while a fresh ham is a pale pink or beige in color. On the other hand, country ham and prosciutto, or the dry cured hams, look pink to mahogany in color. There are also ready-to-eat hams which include the prosciutto and cooked hams.

Easy and Simple Guide on How to Roast a Pig On a Spit

​In some countries, it is a typical scene to see roasted pigs on special occasions. Buying roasted pig will quite cost you some money so most people chose to make their own version of a roasted pig on a spit. Though it completes a celebration, roasting a pig on a spit is usually a tedious and time-consuming task. But once you have mastered the basics, it will all be worth it. The crispy skin, juiciness and delightful taste of the roasted pig will make you crave more.

Weeks ahead of your celebration, you must already set your action plans. Before planning, you have to make sure where you are going to roast. It should be in an open space outdoors where it could be safe to create a pit of fire without worrying about the smoke.

How To Cook Polish Sausage

Long sausages like the Polish sausage are known as a kielbasas. The Polish people typically serve the meat with fried onions, and they use a variety of methods to cook and present kielbasa. If you are wondering how to cook polish sausage, there are several methods such as boiled, hot, grilled, baked or even cold.

It is also common to see it served in soups. Some of the soups it goes best with include pea soup, sour rye soup and cabbage soup. Cabbage soup is a reminder of my favorite way to cook and serve polish sausage, which is boiling it and serving it with sauerkraut. I love sauerkraut, and Polish sausage accompanies it well because the flavors offset one another perfectly.

I am going to teach you how to cook Polish sausage using a couple of the most popular methods. I will also add some pro tips throughout the way to ensure maximum flavor, juiciness and tenderness. The pro tips will be in italics by certain steps.

It would be a good idea for me to also throw in some recipe tips and accompaniment ideas. It is important to mention a couple things first. I am going to concentrate on American terminology and Americanized dishes even if some of the practices originated in Poland.

Also, each method for cooking Polish sausage is easy and quick. You could easily find them through a search, and you are going to find I do not agree with everything the recipe sites have to say about it. I will be offering my own opinions and tips.

I am a big fan of a Polish sausage meal. My grandmother made it a couple of times a month when she was raising me, and I still enjoy making it. I have plenty of practice, and I think I can be thorough enough to answer all of your questions below.

See full recipe here.