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How To Make The Mcdonald’s Sausage Gravy Recipe

Even though fast food has gotten a bad rap for lacking the quality that other restaurant foods can offer, you simply can’t deny how comforting fast food can be. Mcdonald’s for one is a fast food chain that has made numerous people from all over the world quite happy with their cheeseburgers and fries.

But aside from their famous burgers, one meal has always stood out from the Mcdonald’s menu, and that’s the Mcdonald’s breakfast sausage meal. However, I personally think the sausage gravy is the ultimate star of this dish. It has a great creamy yet salty taste that is rich yet not overwhelming at the same time.

Because of my love for Mcdonald’s sausage gravy, I decided to find a way to make it at home myself. After all, I couldn’t just run back and forth to Mcdonald’s to and buy a whole meal every time if I’m just after their gravy.

After a little bit of research, I finally found out the right Mcdonald’s sausage gravy recipe. I figured that I may not be the only one who constantly craves for this sauce, that’s why I decided to write this simple guide on how you can make it at home.

See full recipe here.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Prosciutto

Hams are usually prepared during Christmas holidays, especially in some countries. The celebration won’t be complete unless a ham is present in the table. In most countries, however, this is the typical breakfast meal. Hams can be fresh, cured, or cured-and-smoked. These products are the cured leg of pork; however, fresh ham is an uncured pork leg.

Cured ham usually comes in deep rose or pink color while a fresh ham is a pale pink or beige in color. On the other hand, country ham and prosciutto, or the dry cured hams, look pink to mahogany in color. There are also ready-to-eat hams which include the prosciutto and cooked hams.

Easy and Simple Guide on How to Roast a Pig On a Spit

​In some countries, it is a typical scene to see roasted pigs on special occasions. Buying roasted pig will quite cost you some money so most people chose to make their own version of a roasted pig on a spit. Though it completes a celebration, roasting a pig on a spit is usually a tedious and time-consuming task. But once you have mastered the basics, it will all be worth it. The crispy skin, juiciness and delightful taste of the roasted pig will make you crave more.

Weeks ahead of your celebration, you must already set your action plans. Before planning, you have to make sure where you are going to roast. It should be in an open space outdoors where it could be safe to create a pit of fire without worrying about the smoke.