5 Complete Ginsu Knives Reviews You Need To See

Looking for a quality knife can never be easier than today. In today’s market, you will be able to find numerous types of cutlery under multiple brands. Whether you are looking for a high-end knife that you can pass down to future generations as a family heirloom or a cheap knife that you can use for a start, you can surely find the knife you need right off the internet.

When it comes to looking for quality knives that you can get at an affordable price, one brand, in particular, has always caught my attention, Ginsu. Because of so, I decided to write this article where I will provide 5 Ginsu Knives Reviews to help people who are looking for a nice piece of affordable cutlery find a knife they can finally add to their kitchen.

In this article, you will learn all about Ginsu knives, how to care for knives, how to choose a cutlery set, and a list of 5 Ginsu knives that you should check out. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Ginsu Knives

Ginsu knives are high-quality knives that come at an affordable price. What distinguishes Ginsu knives from other knives in the market is that it’s made of surgical stainless steel. That’s the kind of steel that is guaranteed to last for years. It also doesn’t easily get dull and it doesn’t catch rust because of its steel grade quality.

Another distinctive quality of Ginsu knives is that they are very practical to use. They are easy to clean since they are dishwasher safe. It even comes with a very reliable lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Ginsu knives are the ideal cutlery tools to use for catering to numerous guests. You may have even seen it being used to carve meats in buffets since Ginsu is a brand that’s known for it’s carving knife.

The Ginsu carving knife is specifically designed to making carving all sorts of meat a breeze. Needless to say, the Ginsu knives are a great choice that you can rely on during large family gatherings or in times of serving large groups of people.

Proper Knife Care

Though Ginsu knives are made to last for years to come, you still need to learn how to care for your knife to make them last longer.

Here are a couple of knife care tips you should try:


One way to make your Ginsu knife last longer is proper cleaning. Cleaning the Ginsu knife is very easy since it’s completely dishwasher safe. One thing you must make sure of after cleaning your knife is to keep it completely dry.

Even though Ginsu knives are rust-proof, keeping them dry can significantly help them last longer over time.​


Another thing you can do to prolong your knife’s shelf-life is proper storage. One way to properly store a knife for a long time is by greasing it up so that it wouldn’t get moist. It’s also a great way to prevent tarnishing.


Ginsu knives seldom get dull, but if you feel the need to sharpen your knives edges, remember that you should not exceed sharpening your knife 2 times a year. Doing so will only reduce the metals in your knife.

How To Choose A Knife

To ensure that you get the bang for your buck when you purchase a knife, you must remember to be mindful of these following factors and features that often come with knives.

Type of Blade

Before you purchase a knife, you must first make sure that it comes with the blade you need.

There are three kinds of blades that knives often come with today, plain, serrated, and micro-serrated. A plain edged knife is an ideal choice for cutting and slicing through fragile foods such as steamed fish, tofu, etc.​

A serrated knife, on the other hand, is the best choice for slicing large dense chunks of meat such as poultry and steaks. As for micro-serrated knives, I personally don’t recommend going with those, but they seem to be ideal for dining. I don’t really recommend going with micro-serrated knives because they tear up meat and they can be a bit difficult to sharpen and straighten.​

​What Is It For

There are around 20 types of knives in the market today. Each has been specifically designed to perform specific functions. Some knives are ideal for carving, others are for chopping. Just make sure that you go with a knife that can deliver the kind of performance you would require in the kitchen.

Overall Design

A well-designed knife can become a breeze to use as opposed to knives that seem like blades placed in the middle of plastic or wooden handles because a knife designed with the right ergonomics can offer you enough balance to be able to seamlessly use the knife as if it was a part of your body.

Try to look for a knife with a nice weight and grip. The combination of these two factors is what I think makes or break a knife.​


What’s great about the knives you can buy off the internet today is that they often come with free accessories such as seathes, chopping boards, sharpeners, and all sorts of things that goes with knives. However, I don’t suggest making the freebies a deciding factor when it comes to buying knives since the knife itself should be your priority when it comes to choosing what to purchase.​

How Easy Is It To Clean And Maintain

The last thing you may want to consider when buying cutlery is how easy it is to clean and maintain. Try to go with pieces of cutlery that are stainless, rust-proof, and don’t easily get dull.

5 Ginsu Knives You Must Checkout​

Chikara Series

This Ginsu Chikara series slicing and carving knife is the ideal choice for carving any kind of meat. Think about spending thanksgiving and having a nice knife that you can use to easily carve up a whole turkey or a whole ham. This is the kind of knife that goes perfectly well with such situations.

This knife comes with premium quality steel that doesn’t easily get dull, doesn’t rust, and doesn’t get tarnished. It also comes with perfectly designed handles that make it easy to grip when carving dense meats.

This knife also comes with a very reliable lifetime manufacturer warranty.​


  • Made with premium stainless steel
  • Is easy to use
  • Is easy to clean
  • Is rust-proof
  • Ideal for carving
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Is too light
  • Can be a bit difficult to grip if you have small hands
Essential Series

This Ginsu Essential carving knife is the ultimate low maintenance knife since it does not require any sharpening. I guess that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you will only need to sharpen this knife only once a year because it does a great job at keeping itself from getting dull.

What I like about this knife is that it can easily cut through bone, making cutting large whole poultries a breeze to carve. There will be no more bones stopping you from carving that turkey if you get this knife in your hands.

Just like other Ginsu knives, this one also comes with a nice lifetime manufacturer warranty.​


  • Cuts bones easily
  • Is very easy to clean
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Ideal for carving


  • Isn’t really rust proof
  • Is only great for carving
Essential Series 2-Piece

This Ginsu Santoku knife set is a great all around tool for the kitchen. It comes with perfectly designed handles that will allow you to easily maneuver this knife whether you are slicing meat, chopping vegetables, or even peeling fruit.

What I like about this knife is its large blade that makes chopping food easy, even large dense ones. Another great thing about this knife is that it’s very easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe. It also comes with a nice lifetime manufacturer warranty that you can rely on for replacements or fixes if any issues arise.​


  • Is very affordable
  • Is ideal for all around use
  • Can be used for chopping
  • Is dishwasher safe


  • Can rust over time
  • Is a bit light
Chikara Series

This Ginsu Chikara cleaver knife is a great piece of cutlery that you can use for chopping up those large chunks of meat and vegetables.

What I like about this cleaver is that unlike others, it is extremely light and easy to handle. But it’s not too light that it would require you to put in a lot of effort when chopping through dense chunks of meat. With a simple woosh you will be able to cut meat even when there’s bones still in the meat.

Another thing I like about this knife is that it have ergonomic handles that can provide you with the balance you need to chop food really quick.​

This knife also comes with a nice lifetime manufacturer warranty that you can rely on if any issues arise.​


  • Can be used to chop food quickly
  • Is light
  • Is affordable
  • Is very easy to clean
  • Can cut through bone


  • Only ideal for chopping
  • Can rust over time
Chikara Series

This Ginsu boning knife can be your next best friend if you’re a cook that loves to work with fish, rack of lamb, ribs, and pork chops because it’s the ideal tool for getting the bones efficiently out of large and small chunks of meat.

What makes this boning knife great is that it has a flexible blade paired with a great ergonomic handle that will allow you to cut alongside the bone with ease. Perfectly removing the bone from the meat.

Another interesting factor of this knife is that it doesn’t need to be sharpened frequently like most boning knives do. What’s more is that it also comes with a nice lifetime warranty.​


  • Ideal for removing bones from all kinds of meat
  • Is very easy to clean
  • Is very easy to maneuver
  • Has ergonomic handles


  • Is often out of stock
  • The blade can snap under large amounts of pressure

The Winner

If you are looking for a nice Ginsu knife to try out, going with the Ginsu Essential Series 2-Piece Stainless Steel Santoku Knife Set is certainly a choice you wouldn’t regret. I say this because Ginsu’s santoku knife will provide you with the Ginsu experience you need to get familiar with what Ginsu knives have to offer.

The Ginsu Santoku knife can be a great addition to your kitchen because you can use it for all sorts of food preparation tasks including cutting, light chopping, and even peeling. There’s also the fact that it comes in pairs, so you’d have an extra one lying around.​

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