What Is Corelle Made of and Is it Safe to Use in the Oven?

One of the most faced problems during occasions is the dinner ware you would be using. Particular need to be really special and often, other people buy dinner ware exclusive for that individual event. Whether you are preparing the best kitchen appliance or cooking the most delicious recipe, dinner ware plays a vital role in your process.

There is many dinner ware available in the market today. From different brands to distinct designs, you actually have a lot of choices in front of you. The set should possess qualities and features that highlight its longevity, reliability, and durability. You should also consider how you will use it and look whether it’s oven safe, microwavable or scratch resistant.


Facts About Corelle

One of the longest functioning dinnerware, Corelle was developed using high-quality materials and processes. Way back in 1970, the first production, the manufacturer allowed product replacement for broken, cracked, stained or chipped dinnerware for the first two years. That was how the first marketing style started. They also did not require proof of purchase for the replacements. Also, they have been entirely devoted to patterns of continuity.

Throughout the years, Corelle has been on the rack of booming businesses. And after 40 years, you can still see that the product is up and kicking its way through success. You can find Corelle dinner ware wherever. It is one of the most utilized dinner ware set among households due to its reliability and durability. This means it is one of the most trusted products from its first sale up to the present.

Corelle is designed to leave an impact on the culinary world. It offers numerous distinct patterns which you can use for a long time. You are given a chance to choose from the different styles which include the classic elegance, sleek and modern, cozy chic, merely natural, casual whimsy, and global fusion. When it comes to the design, you can actually have single purchase or retail. Since the patterns are developed to give extra color in your kitchen, it is a good fit to your interior design.

Common Issues the Users Encounter

Every product has its advantages and downsides. These two are always associated with each other. If there are pros, there should also be cons. Corelle is not excused in this. In fact, there are customer complaints against the product and reviews are praising its usage. Here are some of the common questions fired up to the manufacturer:

1. The Corelle Has Marks of Gray Lines

Usually, glass products develop gray metal marks around it. This is because of the friction from using metal utensils and silver ware to the glass. Also, the metal on the dishwasher as well as the stainless steels of the sink have something to do with it. Everyone knows that glasses are commonly transparent. This makes marks and stains difficult to see.

However, that’s not the case for Corelle. The marks become obvious since it is made from 3 layers of compressed beige or white glasses. Now, what can you do about it? The manufacturer recommends you to clean the glassware with non-abrasive cleaners gently. This will remove the marks from your kitchenware.

2. Why Is the Back Stamp not in the Middle?

If you can notice, most products have the back stamp in the middle of the dinnerware. However, Corelle is otherwise. The stamp is slightly off from the center part. This is because cutting edge machines are the ones printing the mark. As explained, the Quality Assurance department of the company thoroughly checks the items basing on their criteria. It is their criterion to make the stamp slightly off and assures that they only sell products that passed this. This means the product is not covered under their warranty.

3. Corelle Cups and Mugs Seem Different to the Plates and Bowls

Most are wondering why the two kinds are distinct from each other. This could mainly refer to the materials used. The manufacturer explained that the process used for the glass compressing is different. Since the process used for the bowls and plates is not applicable to the cups and mugs, they had to make a different method.

The process does not allow the making and shaping of the handles for the cups, mugs and even the Chinese rice bowl. Thus, these items are being manufactured in Japan. The materials, however, are high-quality which uses extreme-hard porcelain materials. Porcelain also features similar strength and color as to the Corelle glass.

4. What Are the Materials Used?

This dinnerware set is manufactured using an amazing process of glass lamination. In there, the two transparent glass layers are thermally fixed to the beige or white layer. This process produces a lightweight product which you can pile up together. Furthermore, they are resistant to chipping, cracking, and breaking.

Is Corelle Oven Safe?

This is also one of the frequently asked questions. Since people are using some dinnerware for baking or microwaving, it is important to know whether these products are safe to use in the oven. First, is this item oven safe? It depends on. According to some users, the Corelle is not oven safe. However, most customers, as well as the manufacturer, are saying that it is oven safe at a specific temperature.

You can use these dishes in the oven as long as the temperature is not beyond 350°F while others say it should be up to 248°F. If you are going to reheat food using this dish, put it in the preheated oven at low temperature. The thinness has nothing to do with its oven safety. The special type of glass actually contributes to its durability. You should also avoid putting your chilled dishware inside the hot oven. This will cause the glass to break.

It is also important to know that placing the hot dish under the water, over a wet surface or in the fridge or freezer will make it shatter. You should allow cooling before washing the bowl. Aside from that, though they are oven safe, they are not safe to use in the broiler. If you are using them in the oven, do not broil. It is also prohibited to place in on hot stove burners and inside the toaster ovens. This dishware is not for grilling.

Benefits of Using Corelle

Whether or not the tableware may be used for a celebration, every tableware set has its strength. They're made up of organic materials or even the set is subtle with nice lines. Maybe, the set offers a modern look with soft colors. Regardless of what sort of tableware you're yearning for, you'll be able to notice it with Corelle tableware set.

The materials that Corelle uses in their dishware supply several edges. Everyone has their own sense of favor which is why Corelle offers such a big amount of totally different patterns from that to settle on. Since a dishware should be durable, this list of advantages proves that Corelle tableware sets are overpowering other brands.

  • All Corelle patterns are microwave safe
  • The glass is tempered glass to prevent from breaking
  • The design is resistant to fading
  • The patterns are safe to use in the dishwasher and the oven
  • You can stack it without breaking, cracking or chipping
  • This dishware is lightweight
  • They are resistant to chipping


A Corelle dishware set is practical, trendy and versatile. You can actually a nice addition to your kitchen. The sets conjointly provide coordinative serving plates and bowls, cups and mugs, casserole dishes, and much more. As you're bound to notice a Corelle set that suits your vogue style, take your time to envision out the various patterns. If you are worried that it could not be safe to use in the oven, it is better to ask your supplier or the customer service of the manufacturer.

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