How to Steam Shrimp Perfectly

Since many of us are big fans of seafood, especially shrimps, I will provide you with an easy and step by step guide to cook them perfectly.

Having tried various methods as to how to cook shrimps in the best way possible, I can, at last, suggest the perfect manner in which to prepare them. The method is quick and easy and will provide you with tender and remarkably seasoned shrimps.

While boiling shrimps is a popular approach, especially when cooking them in large quantities, I do not favor this method because it is difficult to season the shrimp well enough, and it is relatively easy to overcook it. 

An extra minute or two in boiling water could make your shrimp turn rubbery instead of tender. Therefore, steaming is a better option and one which could eliminate both these risks.

It is also important to note that it is always better to steam or boil your shrimp with the shell on, as it protects its fragile texture from direct overheating. This will cook them at a slow pace resulting in tender shrimp.

However, some people are not too fond of cooking them with the shell on as it would cook the vein of the shrimp along with it. While there is nothing unhygienic with it, it can still put some people off.

This could be quickly resolved by taking a pair of scissors and slicing through the back of every shrimp, which would cut through the shell and the shrimp, and expose any vein present there. 

You could then rinse the shrimp and get rid of the vein while also making the shrimp easier to peel once cooked.

After having cut and cleaned the shrimp, the next step is to season them with your favorite mixtures. As for steaming, it is essential to have it elevated on top of the rapidly boiling water. A steamer basket would do the job just about perfectly. 

A large shrimp would need to be steamed for 5-7 minutes to be cooked properly. Once done, take them out, and you could serve them while still hot or chilled over some ice.

Cutting the shells makes the shrimps extremely easy to peel, as the shell unwraps from the shrimp almost by itself. And there it is! Your shrimp is ready to be dipped in your favorite sauces and eaten. 

I personally like to dip it into ketchup or squeeze some lemon over it for the perfect treat.  

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