The Good Old Bodybuilder’s Workout for your Back and Chest

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This is not necessarily your usual bodybuilder’s back and chest workout. You will generally see biceps coupled with the back and triceps coupled with the chest. This classic push-pull workout routine is for your bigger muscles. You will get an extreme pump from this workout. 

This workout is illustrated by Tim McComsey, a fitness coach, registered dietician, and a frequent professional contributor to Men’s Fitness and Human Fit Project.

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1. Barbell Chest Press 4 x 8, rest for 90 sec

2. Cable Pulldowns 4 x maximum, rest for 90 sec

3. Barbell Incline Press 4 x 10, rest for 60 sec

4. Barbell Bent Over Row 4 x 10, rest for 60 sec

5. Push Ups 3 x 10, rest for 45 sec

6. V-Bar Cable Row 3 x 10, rest for 45 sec

7. Hip Thrust 3 x maximum, rest for 60 sec

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