What Do You Need To Make Mango Smoothie Without Yogurt?

Fruit smoothies are great drinks that you can rely on to quench your thirst during any time of the day. What’s makes fruit smoothies great is that despite being completely sweet, they’re still pretty healthy because you can make them without having to add artificial sweeteners such as white granulated sugar.

One particular smoothie that I have grown to love is the classic mango smoothie, which is why for this article I will be sharing with you a simple mango smoothie that you can make at home.

When it comes to smoothies, you may have noticed that most recipes include some type of yogurt for a smooth consistency and added tang. In the recipe I will share with you, I teach you how to make mango smoothie without yogurt. Why? Because you can’t let yourself be deprived of one of the best drinks just because you’re lacking one ingredient. Now read on and find out how you can do it!

See full recipe here.


Why Add Yogurt To Smoothies?

Before we get into how to make yogurt-less smoothies, let us first find out why the heck do most smoothie recipes contain yogurt.

I used to think that yogurt is added to smoothies just because they make the overall consistency of the drink smoother and that they add a sense of tangies and more flavor to the drink. Boy, was I mislead!

Sure yogurt can enhance the overall quality of a smoothie, but as it turns out, the main reason why a lot of recipes include yogurt in smoothies is because of its added health factors.

What Makes Yogurt Healthy?

There are several factors that make yogurt a really healthy ingredient that you can add to various dishes and beverages.

Yogurt can contain plenty of protein, vitamins, and healthy minerals that can significantly contribute to your health if ingested frequently.

One of the main reasons why yogurt is a great ingredient for smoothies is the fact that it contains high amounts of protein. If you are trying to bulk up, a great smoothie with yogurt will help you get all muscled up.

Another health factor of yogurt is that it comes with healthy probiotics that can help you get better digestion, reduction of gas, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. It can even help boost your body’s immune system.

Other health benefits of yogurt include bone-strengthening calcium. Yogurt is rich in calcium that can help strengthen not only your bones, but your teeth as well. It can also help increase your body’s healing process and maintain blood pressure.

Aside from the health benefits I have mentioned above, yogurt is also a great source of vitamin B6, B12, potassium, riboflavin, and magnesium.

How To Make Mango Smoothies Without Yogurt​

​I know that including yogurt to your smoothies sound really great, and that you may even be discouraged to make a smoothie without this healthy ingredient.

But if you don’t really care much for healthy ingredients, and you really feel like drinking a nice mango smoothie, then i’m sure you’d be delighted to know about this simple yogurt-less recipe that i’m going to share with you.

So without further ado, here’s how you make a mango smoothie without yogurt.

​What You Will Need


Depending on how much you plan to make, you will need a bunch of ripe mango slices to make a sweet mango smoothie. Try to choose mangoes that are very yellow in color. You may also want to look for mangoes that come with dark yellow insides because the darker the shade of yellow is, the sweeter the mango will be.​


For one cup of smoothie you will make, you will need one cup of milk. You can use any type of milk for this recipe may it be whole, skim, or low fat. For extra creaminess, I suggest you go with whole milk. But if you are looking to make a low fat smoothie, you might as well go with low-fat milk as your base.​


You will need a nice blender that you can use to blend all your ingredients together. Do not be mistaken into using a juicer for making a smoothie. Blenders are the ideal tools for making smoothies because they help you attain chunky yet juicy beverages.​

Ice (Optional)

You may need some ice for your smoothies if you’re not going to work with frozen fruits. If you want to retain all of the ingredients flavors for your smoothie, I suggest you use milk ice cubes instead of regular water ice cubes for this recipe.​

What You Should Do

Step 1: Prepare The Mangoes

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your mangoes. Make sure your mangoes are completely clean and you have disregarded some rotten parts.

Some parts of the mangoes sometimes begin to decay and it is important for you to check it before you buy it in the market. On the off chance that you check the mango skin for any sort of spots or sores, you will find that a spoiling mango indicates caramel dark or dark spots.

Remove the rotten spot if any and place your mangoes in a bowl after washing it clean.

Step 2: Place All The Ingredients In The Blender

Ideally, a mango that is bigger than your fist can make one serving of smoothie. Although it will still depend on how you want it to taste like. If you have a sweet tooth, you can always put more on your liking.

As an alternative for yogurt, you can use one cup of cold milk and a teaspoon of honey to add a natural sweet taste for your smoothy. You can also add vanilla extract if you happen to have one in the counter. One teaspoon will do for one serving.

Just in case you're wondering about using a different type of milk like Soya Milk, Almond Milk or Skim Milk to make it even healthier, feel free to do so. I will still taste awesome!

And lastly, two to three cubes of ice to bring out that icy taste in every zip of your heavenly smoothie. You can now place all the ingredients in the blender.​

Step 3: Blend All The Ingredients Together

After placing all the ingredient inside the blender, you are now ready to blend your smoothie. Remember that all the ingredients above are typically for one serving only.

Switch your blender on and wait until such time that you don't hear any clicking sound coming from ice. If you stop hearing the cracking noise, it will indicate you that the ice is already blended well and so as all the ingredients inside the blender.​

Step 4: Serving Your Smoothy

Now your Mango Smoothie is ready to be served. Did you enjoy all the process in preparing you smoothy? As for me, I surely did!

Prepare your clean glass and place your smoothie carefully. From all that hard work, I believe you don't want to waste nor make room for a little spill with your glorious Mango Smoothie.

A good way to serve your smoothie is by giving it a swirl of whipped cream. Not only that it adds a tasteful mouth watering appearance to your smoothie, it also gives a creamier taste that you would normally get from yogurt.​

However if you’re craving for just the natural taste, you can chop a half quarter of lime or lemon and slide it on the top of your glass to give it a nice summer and vibrant feeling.

A Quick Recap

A Mango Smoothie is a delight to drink. It is really a good thing that it is just easy to make even without someone else to help. Either making it for yourself, your family or even your friends. With just a couple of minutes, it will surely ease the thirst coming from the heat of the summer season.

With that being said, Mango Smoothie should not be that painful to make with the absence of yogurt. There is a lot of good alternative products to use available in the market. You can be either creative with the kind of taste you want your drink to be. Or you may want to add another fruit of your choice to mix up natural flavors.

I sometimes, add a pinch of cayenne pepper depending on my mood and most of the time just banana or strawberry. I just like the combination. Again, you can pick whatever is good for you.

Remember, the only key in making the perfect Mango Smoothie is following your own taste. You want it sweeter, add more mangoes and honey. The point is, never deprive yourself exploring the taste of your own. You never know, you might end up making the best Mango Smoothie of your life.

If you have any questions about the article above, please do not forget to leave a word at the comment box below. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you and happy cooking!​

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