The Keurig K55 Review: What You Need To Know About This Coffee Machine

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning to make you all perky and energized for the day. One way to get a perfect cup of coffee every single morning is by getting a fine coffee machine for your kitchen or office.

When it comes to coffee makers, one name that has become well known in the industry is Keurig. Keurig offers several coffee makers that each come with its own set of features that are made to fit a specific set of needs and preferences.

One of Keurig’s most celebrated coffee makers is the K55. The K55 is an interesting product that has made a name for itself in the market because of its reliable functions and ease of use.

If you are currently planning on getting yourself a nice coffee machine, I encourage you to read on because this Keurig K55 review contains all the facts you need to know about why this coffee maker has become a rather popular choice in the market today.

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Coffee Maker

As with any other type of product, coffee machines or coffee makers often come with a different set of functions. Each type of coffee machine can offer you a set of features that you may or may not find useful.

Before you get yourself a coffee maker, you should first consider a couple of factors to ensure that at the end of the day, you will get the bang for your buck. When it comes to coffee makers, there aren’t really much to be mindful of. Just be sure to check these certain aspects before you make a purchase:​


Coffee makers come in different sizes. The size of the coffee maker you should get would, of course, depend on your available counter space. Do keep I mind that compact coffee makers do tend to possess fewer features, but this doesn’t mean that the quality of coffee you can get from it is less than what you would get from larger models.​

Ease of Use

Try to choose a coffee maker that you will find easy to maneuver. Coffee makers you will find in the market today can range from simple i-can-have-a-cup-with-a-single-push-of-a-button models to complex models that will allow you to create extra personalized brews.

Just make sure that you choose something that you will enjoy using, not something that will give you a headache every morning. And keep a look out for handy features such as pause and brew, time delays, and automatic shut-offs.​


Coffee makers can be quite compatible with several types of third party products such as K-cups, but others are not. If you are situated somewhere where you don’t have access to certain products, I suggest you try and go with a coffee maker that’s versatile when it comes to third party products.​


One of the deciding factors you should never forget when it comes to choosing a coffee maker is its capacity. Just make sure to get a coffee maker that can provide you with just enough coffee so that you wouldn’t have to make several batches at the start of your day.​

The Keurig K55

The Keurig K55 has become a popular choice in the market today because it is one simple machine that will make you a perfect cup of coffee every single day.

I guess what made this machine extremely popular is its overall simplicity. It doesn’t come with LCD screens and other modern features that often come with newer models today, but it does a great job at performing its exact purpose which is to create a fine cup of coffee.​

This coffee maker is a great choice for any coffee lover because, with a single push of a button, you will be able to drink a nice cup of coffee in mere minutes. It’s also very affordable and has garnered tons of positive customer reviews.

What’s more is that it even comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty from Keurig.​

​Keurig K55 Features & Benefits

As I have mentioned above, the Keurig K55 is a highly popular machine. Here is a couple of features and benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you decide to get this product:​

​Make Several Beverages

  • The Keurig K55 lets you create several types of beverages aside from coffee. With this coffee maker, you can also create a cup of tea, hot chocolate, iced drinks, and other specialty drinks

Several Brew Sizes

  • The Keurig K55 conveniently comes with 3 brewing sizes including 6, 8, and 10-ounces

Ease Of Use

  • The K55 is a coffee machine that’s very easy to use. All you have to do is put in your preferred K-cup, select your brew size, push the button and start making coffee.
  • What’s more is that it has a drip tray indicator that will keep you posted on what the machine is doing. The indicators in this machine will let you know about refills, descaling, and heating.

Preheat Feature

  • The K55 comes with a handy preheat feature that ensures you get hot coffee on demand. Because of this feature, you will be able to get a hot cup of coffee in well under a minute.​

Large Capacity

  • The Keurig K55 comes with a huge 48-ounce water reservoir that will allow you to create 8 cups of coffee per refill.

Automatic Shut-off Function

  • The K55 has an energy efficient automatic off function that will let you conserve energy because it automatically turns off your machine when it is idle.

K-Cup Compatibility

  • The K55 is compatible with reusable K-cups, a feature that a lot of coffee makers lack.

Keurig K55 Customer Reviews

The Keurig k55 won’t become a popular product if it doesn’t perform well. The K55 is such an awesome product, a staggering 82% of its customer reviews on Amazon has given it a high 4 out of 5 star rating.

I have found that most people who loved the K55 celebrated its simplicity and ease of use. There’s also the fact that this machine is completely compatible with reusable K-cups.

Another function that users liked best is the preheat function that allowed them to always get a hot cup of coffee in mere seconds. Users also loved how this machine is completely sturdy and affordable for its set of reliable features.

Perhaps the feature that most of its users loved is its high capacity removable water reservoir. A lot of reviewers stated how they enjoyed the freedom of refilling, which is very appreciated by those living with several coffee lovers.

Lastly, the K55’s energy efficient shut-off feature also had an impact on it users.

Other Alternatives You Might Want To See

In Conclusion

The Keurig K55 is a great coffee maker that you can add to your home kitchen or to your office. It is a highly affordable product that performs at par with other more expensive models. If you like products that don’t go with unneeded bells and whistles, I’m sure you will surely appreciate the Keurig K55.

With its impressive set of reliable features such as its reusable K-cup compatibility, automatic shut-off, preheat function, and large capacity water reservoir, the K55 is sure to impress all coffee lovers alike.

Replacement Models

If you’re still undecided about this cookware set, here are some alternatives you may check out as well:​


This always-ready-to-use coffee machine comes with the fastest brewing time of merely one minute, making it completely ideal for workplace use.

It comes with a 48-oz removable reservoir, that is appropriate for workplace use. Talking of the convenience of use, it’s usable altogether aspects. Due to the Drain Brewer button enclosed, you'll be able to drain the entire system for movable-ness functions.​


This specific Keurig coffee maker is very different from the rest despite being equipped with the same piece of tech. Just like other coffee makers from other Keurig product series, this coffee maker is ideal for both home and office use.

What I like best about this coffee maker is it’s very easy to set up that makes creating a cup of coffee a couple of seconds away. It also comes with a large capacity 40-ounce water reservoir that will easily allow you to brew several cups of coffee with just one refill.

Another interesting feature of this coffee machine is its strength management feature that will help you create different types of roasts ranging from light, medium, and dark.​


Whether you are planning on making a cup of coffee for yourself or a couple of friends, this coffee maker is one that you can surely rely on. What’s great about this coffee maker is that it requires little counter space.

Despite having a compact size, this coffee machine does not lack what it takes to perform at par with other Keurig coffee makers. Another deciding factor that would make you want to buy this product is that it is very easy to operate. With a single press of a button, you will be able to create a medium strength coffee after a couple of minutes.​

If you would like to know about other kitchen products, please give us your feedback below. We will try and create more helpful reviews in the future. Stay posted!​

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