Best Restaurants in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, situated in the southern part of the United States of America, is especially famous for its wide variety of food options and is recognized to have more eateries and restaurants for every mile than any other place in the entire country. If you are a lover of tasty food, knowing the best food joints in Dallas is a necessity. The best restaurants have the best foods, and you will enjoy them thoroughly.

The ideal Texan food is spicy, salty, and, for the most part, fried. The general public's palate is used to these flavors as they are very active and have a certain zest for all things spicy. Nevertheless, you are bound to find a good eating place no matter where you are in Dallas. Here are the best restaurants in Dallas.

Best Hamburger in Dallas

Norma’s Café

When it comes to hamburgers in Dallas, nobody does it better than Norma’s Cafe. Started way back in 1956, this place is one of the oldest restaurants that still serve dishes in the home-cooked style and have maintained their standards for more than half a century. They are a big part of the city's food heritage and can be found doing all sorts of community-friendly and social events like fundraisers and other charity events.

With about six branches all over the city, they are in the process of expansion, and you can spot them at every important place and have a great homely meal, especially the hamburger. Their newest opening was at Park Lane just across the North Park mall, while they can be found in other places like 75 and Alma, Davis Street in Oak Cliff, Trinity Mills, and even on the North Central Expressway.

They have been providing comfort food to people of all generations, and now even you can dive into their huge menu. From appetizers to desserts to drinks, they have got it all, and the best part about their menu is that it is completely customizable. You have got to go through their sandwiches and burgers section to see how good their hamburger is. However, they do offer some classic favorites that keep switching from time to time to keep the menu fresh. The sides and salads add a great touch to make things healthier, and their desserts are to die for.

Just to remind you how great this legendary café is, it is rated 4.4 overall and high ratings like 4.5 on popular platforms like Uber Eats and Facebook. People who eat here have nothing but good things to say about this place; just check out their pictures, and your mouth would start watering. Visiting Norma’s Café is a must whenever you are in Dallas.

Best Tacos in Dallas

Jalisco Norte

Jalisco Norte is one of the prime authentic Mexican places in Dallas. A table at this restaurant is a one-way ticket to Mexico with their local flavors, culture, and heritage inculcated in the menu and the décor by the head chef Jose Meza. This place is a must-visit for all Mexican food lovers, especially if you want to have some great Tacos. This place spells out how an aesthetic restaurant should be with its classic interior design, and it has a power-packed menu with only the best ingredients to back up the hype.

Situated in Turtle Creek, they even host private events, so it’s best to get a table booked in advance because if you do not, there are high chances that they might be booked for the whole night. Their working hours differ every day of the week, but they are always open from 4 pm onwards, the sooner you get there, the better.

Not only do they have all the classic Mexican dishes like Tacos, Guacamole, Chilaquiles, and Tortillas, they even serve the classic sides and salads to complete the menu. Also, don’t forget to check their exquisite drinks section, and if you happen to have some kids along, they will love their kids' menu. Great cocktails, amazing authentic Mexican food, and a happy environment, this is the place to be to have a good time in Dallas.

Although they have an extremely high overall rating of 4.5 on Google, 4.6 on Uber Eats, and 4.7 on Facebook, there seem to be a few mixed reviews. Yes, the food tastes great, and the place looks wonderful, but one common complaint that you would hear from regulars is that the service might be slow at times, maybe because the place is a restaurant cum bar. Nevertheless, with delicious salsa and nachos and great margaritas to go with it, you will have a blast.

Best Pizza in Dallas

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Best Pizza in Dallas, TX

GAPC or the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company is the most modern pizza place that you can find in Dallas. You’d be shocked to see what they have done with the place with the punk rock theme going on and their tagline being Late AF, which is self-explanatory to the younger generations. Not only does the actual restaurant is colorful and lively, but their website is also a complete match if you happen to be booking your slice of pizza online.

Located in Greenville Avenue, as in the name, this place is the ultimate pizza place. They are usually open by eleven in the morning and are open till about three in the morning. The most wonderful thing about them is that not only are they open till three in the morning, they even deliver till that time as suggested by their tagline, We Deliver Late AF. They currently have just this one place, but they deliver all over Dallas at even the oddest hours.

They have quite a big menu for a pizza place, including Wings and fries and even dishes like Salads pies. You have the complete freedom to build your pizza from scratch with all the toppings that you like. However, they claim that their thin crust pizza is best on the menu, and you must try it. They are pocket-friendly, wholesome, and cheesy, like any other good pizza place. Do not forget to check out the other products that they offer, from different seasonings, sauces to even t-shirts and hoodies, and they have got it all.

They do boast of a high rating of 4.3 overall, but you might find a lot of mixed reactions as people seem to like just one kind of pizza, and if it’s an inch here and there, things don’t work out. However, they are no serious complaints related to the food; feel free to order in your first pizza, even at three in the morning.

Best Italian Restaurant in Dallas

Kenny’s Italian Kitchen 

Kenny’s Little Kitchen is a tiny little portrait of Italy in the middle of the city of Dallas. Not only do they offer all the classic Italian dishes like lasagna and veal parmesan, but they even have a great collection of martinis to keep you hydrated. They usually do lunch and dinner, and for the most part, they are the best at what they do. They provide the right Italian comfort food with the classic tastes from the northern part of Italy, and you would be delighted to know that they still cook using all the age-old recipes.

Located at 5100 Belt Line Road, in the village near the parkway, they even happen to deliver if you do not feel like dining in for hours that they are open. They have different menus for Lunch and Dinner along with different family options. Do not forget to check out their drinks section while you are at it. For dinner, they have different Pasta, chicken, and steak dishes with seafood coming in and out of the menu from time to time. For lunch, they have several sandwiches along with a few entrees served with spaghetti. Appetizers and salads are common on both menus.

They even have a take and bake option which allows you to bake your food at home. The family-style option allows you to have a few classic dishes in large quantities with a few side dishes, a budget-friendly option for more people.

Overall, Kenny’s Italian Kitchen has an exceptionally high rating of 4.6 along with 4.8 on Uber Eats and a 5 out of 5 on Facebook. They must be doing something right to receive those crazy positive ratings. Walk-in and find out for yourself the next time you are in Dallas.

Best Sushi in Dallas

Yama Izakaya & Sushi

For all the Sushi lovers in Dallas, Yama Izakaya & Sushi is the place to check out. The moment you step inside the restaurant, you can feel the happy Asian vibe going on. They have all the authentic Japanese dishes and the fan-favorite Sushi to prepare a wholesome menu. This place has been serving classic Japanese dishes to the people of Dallas for over two decades now.

The name of the place translates to a Sake and Sushi shop, and those are the two dishes that they have mastered along with other classics like Takoyaki, Sunagimo, Shochu, and a lot more. One thing that you would notice about this place is that the food portions are relatively small, but that is because they want you to try as many different things on the menu as you can, and they even claim that there is something for everyone here.

Located at 8989 Forest lane, this place is pretty famous, and you should not have any problem reaching here. They are open from 6 pm onwards on weekdays and a little early on the weekends. They are usually open till 2 in the morning except for Sundays. They also have the option for home delivery, but it takes at least half an hour for the food to reach your doorstep no matter how close you stay.

They have all types of Sashimi, Yama, yakitori, and Sushi you want, along with noodles and rice, which are constant in all Japanese restaurants. In addition, they offer sake, wine, beer, and even different kinds of sodas to go with your food. On the lighter side, you have different kinds of rolls along with a few types of tea to drink with.

They are rated very highly on most platforms like Uber eats and Facebook like 4.5 and 4.6 respectively and have an overall rating of 4.5 on Google. So there is nothing but positive reviews about this place, and this is one place that every sushi lover in Dallas must visit.

Best Hot Dogs In Dallas


Kuby’s is one of the oldest Hot Dog places in Dallas, dating back to the 1960s. Kuby’s is a famous German name that has restaurants and owns meat markets, Delis, and even takes catering orders. Kuby’s restaurant does everything from Breakfast, lunch to dinner, and the place is always bustling with people and a lot of positive energy from the local people. It is a favorite place for the local people to enjoy the classic Hot Dog as they are the best in the town.

Located at 6601 Snider Plaza, this place is hard to miss as it is always filled with people ready to enjoy a good hot dog and have a great time. They are always the best in the business because they process their meat and maintain their high standard and great taste. They are open 7 am onwards, six days of the week, but good luck getting yourself a table at the peak hours.

Their breakfast menu includes various omelets, biscuits, and pancakes. Still, the crowd favorite is something they call King Ludwig, which is the most German name for any dish, essentially a giant sandwich enough for three people with loads of tomatoes, bacon, eggs, and cheese. The lunch menu is much more versatile with different sandwiches, pork chops, hot dogs, and other great sausage dishes, something they are masters at.

They have several great sauces for your hot dog and even different kinds of sausages that they make themselves. Don’t miss the hollandaise sauce on the menu with any of your favorite dishes. For all the man vs. food lovers out there, you would be delighted to know that Adam wasn’t able to beat their challenge, which they are super proud of.

It is nothing but praise when it comes to this restaurant with an extremely high overall rating of 4.7 and a 5 out of 5 ratings on Facebook. The locals are in love with this place, proving how great the food and ambiance are. Make sure to check them out when in Dallas.

Best Steakhouse in Dallas

PAPPAS BROS. Steakhouse

PAPPAS BROS. Steakhouse is one of the most iconic and best restaurants in Dallas. Not only do they serve extremely juicy and flavorful steaks, but they also have an excellent collection of wines to go with it. They have been around for quite some time now, and they have all the right ingredients to be a personal favorite of all the steak lovers in town.

Located at Northwest HWY, this place is open from 11 am onwards, with the final orders being served before 4 pm. The drive-through, however, is open till nine at night. They even take online orders and deliver relatively fast, but you need to get your reservation done in advance to make sure you find yourself a table. They even have different branches like the PAPPAS BURGER, PAPPAS SMOKE HOUSE, and PAPPAS BAR B-Q- and so on.

Their menu is quite wide, with a lot of options for your favorite steak along with different sides, dessert, and wines to go with it. The dinner mainly includes the Filet Mignon, the Ribeye, and the New York Strip with different seasonings and in different sizes. They even have a few salads like the classic Caesar Salad with a few other appetizers and veggies to complete your meal. Their seafood section and the daily dish section are also worth a look. Finally, they have a list of pies and cakes to finish your meal with.

With an overall rating of 4.8, this steakhouse is already one of a kind. It also has very high ratings in another platform like Uber eats with a rating of 4.8 and a perfect 5 out of 5 on Facebook. This place guarantees you a great tender and juicy steak along with great drinks and ambiance to be a total package and a must-visit for every steak lover.

 Dallas no doubt has a wide variety of restaurants that serve the best kind of home-cooked food possible. The people of Dallas love their food, and the restaurant owners have done everything to serve these people right. They have everything from small eateries to specialty restaurants, but all of them have one thing in common, great food and an amazing time for everyone who walks in. Most of the places have home delivery which only makes the entire experience better. Have fun eating in Dallas.

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