Best Beverage Refrigerator Reviews (2020): Small & Compact Coolers We Love

There’s nothing more satiating than drinking a cold beverage on a sweltering day. While you can certainly keep your drinks cold in your fridge, you might want to get yourself a nice beverage cooler, so you can store more and keep your beverages cool in the right temperature. Opening and closing your fridge all the time tends to prevent the fridge from regulating its temperature, which might result to cold air loss.

A cooler is also a good addition to your home if you like storing alcoholic drinks like wines and beers (one of our favorites is hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler (120 Cans)). Wines, particularly, require a certain temperature to be stored in to preserve their delicious flavors. The same is true for beers. Beers, when exposed to heat and sunlight, can deteriorate fast, resulting in flat and funky-tasting beer.

So, while you might think a beverage cooler is an unnecessary purchase, it can actually make your life a lot more convenient, especially if you store a lot of beverages and other drinks at home. You won’t have to worry that you have no cold beverage or beer to serve when you have friends or family over.

Quick Comparison: Top Beverage Coolers (2020-2021)

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Facts about the Top Beverage Coolers out There


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There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a beverage cooler. You should first determine where you are going to install your cooler. Check your kitchen or home bar and determine what size of cooler will fit. Coolers come in different sizes so make sure you already know what size will work in your space before searching the market. Furthermore, the space you should choose must be flat and level as this will ensure that your cooler will run properly.

Go for a cooler that has customizable shelves, so you can rearrange the shelves to match the size of the beverages you are storing. Also, make sure you check out its temperature range, so you can have an idea what sort of beverages it can accommodate. Look for coolers that have flexible temperature settings so you can adjust how cold or warm it’s going to be.

If you like an easy clean up, make sure that your cooler has an automatic or just any type of defrost function. Even a drip tray helps with the build up of frost.

Our Choice for the Top Beverage Refrigerators
  • Danby 120 Beverage Can Beverage Center (Great Capacity)
  • EdgeStar 103 Can and 5 Bottle Extreme Cool Beverage Cooler (Versatile)
  • Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Superconductor Beverage Cooler (Stylish)
  • NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler (Sleek Design)
  • Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center (Secured)

In this article we will help you decide which Beverage Cooler is right for you.

Finding the Right Temperature for Your Beverages


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Whether you are storing your homebrewed beer or some specialty juice from the store, keeping it at the proper temperature can make all the difference when it comes to the flavor. Some beers are better served cold while others may require a warmer temperature, so you can appreciate the nuances in flavors even more.

Beers that contain a lot of aromatics or more ingredients should be kept at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas beers with lots of flavor will be better served at around 50 degrees. If you are storing craft beer, you might also need to set it up to a higher setting to preserve the flavors of the ingredients.

Know what alcoholic beverage you are going to store. Different liquors require different temperatures for storage. For instance, red wine is best stored at temperatures around 60F while dry white wine and rosès are best stored at temperatures that are around 55F.

Most of the time, the bottle will indicate the right temperature to store your alcohol in. When it comes to mixed drinks or hard liquor you don’t have to worry as much, as they are often served chilled on ice.

For non-alcoholic drinks, keeping them at the right temperature is important for both safety reasons and taste. Milk should be stored at 35F, pop at around 40F, and water is best at around 55F.

Why You should Own a Beverage Cooler?

First, beverage coolers are convenient. They save you the trouble of running to the shop or the kitchen for another drink. When you throw a party, you can stock up and everyone can enjoy a tall frosty cold one. Just set it up in a corner and your guests can help themselves to whatever you have in your cooler.

You can put a wide range of drinks in your cooler, including wine, beer, water, soda, and juice, just to name a few, allowing you to keep all your guests satisfied and hydrated.

Second, they can be the perfect solution to a small space, like a dorm room or a bachelor pad. They come in a range of styles, so you can get one that matches your taste. Whether you like mirror finishes or the open look of a glass door, there are many models out there. From stainless steel trim to sleek black, there are a few options available. They are a great space saver!

Third, if you are worried about keeping your alcoholic beverage away from your children or others, some coolers have the ability to be locked. You can keep your drinks safe and secure with a lock and key. Moreover, some coolers are so small that they can be kept on top of a high shelf, out of reach.

Finally, beverage coolers help you stay organized. Some coolers even come with removable shelves or drawers for food.

The Top 5 Beverage Coolers that You Can't Skip


Danby makes a sleek beverage center, with black wire shelves and a cool LED interior lights that illuminate the selection of drinks. The tempered glass door has a unique design, with the trim made from stainless steel. It makes a nice statement piece in your kitchen or home bar. The door is also reversible, so you can put this cooler almost anywhere without worrying that it will disrupt the flow of traffic.

When shopping for the best beverage cooler, consider choosing one that has a reversible door. In this case Danby 120 Beverage Can Beverage Center is a good option.


  • With a total capacity of 120 cans, Danby has more than enough room to store all the drinks you need for that next big party.
  • You won’t even have to worry about your drinks getting stolen or going missing, as this cooler comes with a lock and key on the recessed door.
  • It was made to cool drinks to a temperature between 43 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for storing beer or soda.


  • You might need to get shelf liners to keep your cans in place.
  • Some people might find the interior light too dim for their references.


This cooler is very versatile, with six shelves that are fully removable, you can set it however you want. The glass door is reversible and trimmed with stainless steel, which compliment the black cooler. The LED lights up the interior making it very easy to find the drink you are after. This is a great unit, with enough room for all your cans and bottles.


  • The Edge Star was created to hold over 100 12-ounce cans and 5 bottles that are 750 mL.
  • The temperature can be set roughly between 35 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, as it uses a compressor to cool your beverages.
  • Edge Star also makes beverage coolers that can reach colder temperatures if needed.
  • The size of this cooler makes it ideal for a bar, as it is compact.


  • Some users might find the hum of the cooler a bit annoying but if you are used to the sound of your fridge, you should have no issues with it.
  • Be careful in setting its temperature, you don’t want to end up with beverages that have been frozen solid because this can really go down to a lower temperature.


This cooler from Avanti is gorgeous. The mirrored door adds up to its elegant appeal, great for those with modern home decors. The black design will allow you to seamlessly integrate it in any space. This unit provides a great blend of quality design, cold temperature, and stylish look.


  • The best part about the beverage cooler by Avanti is that it runs silently, you won’t even know its in the same room.
  • It works great, holding around two dozen cans or bottles, cooling them off in no time.
  • It took around an hour to completely cool cans.
  • This is a great cooler for a dorm or bedroom, as it is small and stylish.


  • You won’t be able to see what’s inside because the door is not made from glass but this should be ideal for families who might have curious kids around.

NewAir AB-1200

This cooler by NewAir is elegant and can fit into just about any setting – from the office to a home. It boasts of quiet operations and a sleek design. This cooler has the ability to fit in wine bottles as well, with a bit of reconfiguration of the interior shelving.


  • The New Air is made to hold around 125 cans of pop or beer.
  • It has five racks that are removable as well as a large storage bin.
  • This cooler has a manual temperature control system, reaching a cool temperature of 34 degrees.
  • This is ideal for storing and cooling beer, as they will be nice and frosty when you are ready for a cold one.


  • Some users said they would have preferred if the door has a stopper to keep it from opening too wide.


This cooler comes with a lock and key for additional security. Keep your alcohol safe and secure or just keep others away from your stash of pop. This is a beautiful cooler, with a glass door that allows you to see what drinks you have on hand. Plus, the interior light stays on all the time, giving off a blue glow.


  • The Haier cooler has the capacity for over 150 cans that are 12-ounces.
  • The four shelves are adjustable and coated with vinyl to hold the cans or bottles in place.
  • The lower rack is removable, which makes it great for storing large bottles.
  • This cooler features an automatic defrost for easy cleaning.


  • You might need to tweak the settings first to get your desired temperature settings.

Recommendations for Different Buyers

These coolers are all great choices and their prices are not that different. Which one you should pick boils down to your personal preferences.

If you like a cooler that you can easily customize so you can fit just about any wine, beer or canned beverage, you can get the EdgeStar 103 Cooler. It’s the perfect choice for those with a home bar as it does a great job cooling beverage efficiently. If you ever forget to put your beverages in before a party, no worries because this cooler can cool your beverages fast.

For those looking for a cooler that has more capacity, get the Danby DBC120BLS Cooler. It can accommodate up to 120 cans and some bottles. NewAir AB-1200 Cooler also does not disappoint when it comes to capacity as well. You can stash up to 125 cans in here.  Both these coolers are ideal for those who tend to have friends and family over often.

The Haier Beverage Center is the best when it comes to capacity, but it also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style. The interior light stays on and this also comes with a defrosting feature, great for people who don’t like to manually defrost their cooler.

For those with space constraints, you won’t have a problem using the Avanti Beverage Cooler. It has a compact shape that won’t take up a large footprint.

A cooler is just one of the things you can add to your kitchen or home bar. If you need more kitchen tools and equipment to make entertaining friends and family easier, check out our homepage for recommendations on the best products to buy.

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