VitaminWater Zero as a Substitute for Regular Vitamin Water

For those who are fond of Glacéau’s VitaminWater, but do not particularly like its nutritional content, including loads of sugar, 30 grams to be precise, and 125 calories in each bottle overall, there is an alternative for them now which they should consider.

VitaminWaterZero is a calorie-free substitute with no added sugar, making you stay hydrated and feeling delicious at the same time. 

It is available in many different flavors with attractive names such as revive, reset, shine, etc. It retails for $1.49 per 20 ounces per drink.

As it is sugar-free, it is an excellent alternative for weight-conscious people. It contains no artificial flavors but gets its sweet taste and color from natural sources such as fruit sugar, albeit in quantity as little as not even worth mentioning on the label.

Just as its name denotes, an 8 ounce serving of the drink provides you with the maximum daily value for vitamin C, around 40% for vitamin B, and a little bit of daily value for some other vitamins.

VitaminWaterZero contains very little sodium or potassium, and so it should not be consumed as an electrolyte-replenishing drink, as it does not provide one with enough vitamins to fulfill their daily needs. 

However, the beverage is the perfect substitute if you want to satisfy your daily liquid intake and quench your thirst with something other than water. 

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