Is V8 Juice Healthy?


V8 is probably one of the first drinks that come to one’s mind when one thinks of a vegetable beverage. But many might wonder whether it is a healthy drink or not, as many drinks we perceive to be so could turn out just the opposite due to their sugary or sodium content and being overall high in calories.

To determine whether a drink is actually as healthy as it purports to be, it is essential to analyze its ingredients. 

While V8 retails in several different flavors, we will mainly talk about V8 Original. The beverage contains various vegetable juices, including tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and spinach, to name a few. Some other ingredients involve salt, citric acid, and vitamin C. 

The company takes pride in the contents of its V8 juice. To add to it, it also contains vitamin A and vitamin C, and the carbohydrates come from natural sources and no added sugar. According to Brod, a certified nutritionist, vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential sources for a healthy immune system. 

The vegetables included in the drink are also packed with vitamins and minerals, which provide many health benefits to the consumer. In addition, they also offer one with antioxidants that protect our bodies from chronic health conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

As per the V8 website, their drinks are also made free from GMO ingredients and their recyclable plastic bottles.

While the V8 juice might be a great source to obtain many of the essential nutrients found in vegetables, a slight difference would be that vegetables contain a little more fiber when consumed separately. 

Fiber is vital for our bodies as it improves our digestive system and cardiovascular health while also making us feel full, preventing overeating. Brod mentions that consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables in any form like raw, in a juice, or cooked will likely fulfill the daily vitamins and mineral needs of an average person. 

He also recommends consuming other vegetables and drinking the V8 juice, as not all are present in the juice. This way, one could maximize the nutritional benefits by meeting the daily recommended amount of each vegetable.  

While V8 might be providing you with some adequate nutritional replenishment, Brod also advises you to eat as much of your food as possible instead of taking it in liquid form. This is because you are more likely to digest the whole food better as it is entirely natural and not processed. 

Some drinks we imagine to be healthy may contain some hidden calories that we may not have intended to consume. 

However, the good thing is that V8 Original has fairly low calories, though it is still high in sodium. Therefore, someone keeping a watch over their sodium intake would want to reconsider sipping on it daily.  

While there are several different vegetable drinks available in the market, most are high in sugar, and some may also have preservatives. 

It is important to read the ingredients label on your drink before consuming it to know if there are any hidden ingredients you might need to avoid. It is always better to make a homemade vegetable juice or grab one from your local juice bar to be on the safe side.

While the V8 juice might not be a favorable replacement for whole foods, there are quite a few health benefits one could avail from the drink due to its vitamin and mineral content. 

Consumed in moderation along with other natural food sources, it is definitely recommended over any other vegetable beverage or a soda.  

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