Best Electric Skillet Reviews (2019): Our Favorite Frying Pans For The Money

Adding a frying pan to your cooking arsenal is imperative if you want to increase the number of dishes you can make in your own kitchen. You can make a variety of dishes such as pasta dishes, fried foods and dishes with sauces. If your kitchen is currently lacking one, you have come to the right place. This article will help you find the best electric frying pan that you can rely on in your various cooking needs.

Quick Comparison: Top Electric Frying Pans 2019

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Why You Need An Electric Frying Pan

No kitchen would be complete without a decent frying pan. Frying pans are essential kitchen tools that will let you create perfectly seared steaks, sunny side up eggs, pancakes, or even noodles if the pan is deep enough.

Unlike other kitchen tools that you can use to cook food, frying pans come with a design that makes it great for sautéing, searing, simmering, braising, griddling, boiling, and sometimes even deep-frying. The need for a frying pan in any kitchen is completely undeniable. Without it, you would not be able to make dishes that need to be cooked on a flat surface.

Another thing that frying pans are capable of doing evenly distributing heat around the entire cooking surface, making for quick yet thoroughly cooked meals.

When it comes to electric vs. conventional frying pans, I really think that getting an electric one is the better choice. Unlike conventional frying pans, electric ones significantly heat up faster and maintain heat levels better. Additionally, since electric frying pans are comparatively newer technologies, they tend to possess innovative features such as non-stick coatings that can be really helpful when it comes to cooking fragile pieces of food. This also makes way for easier maintenance or cleaning.

If you are still unconvinced that you need an electric frying pan, one more thing that will make you want to reconsider is the portability that comes with them. If you are always on the move, or if you are an outdoor kind of person, you can easily prepare meals with an electric frying pan by simply bringing a portable electric source or an electrical inverter for your car.

What Should You Consider When Buying an Electric Frying Pan

To make sure that you are making the right purchase, you must prepare a list of certain criteria that you can use as a guide to steer you towards getting a product that will not only perfectly fit your needs, but your personal preferences as well.

In order to make sure that you are getting the bang for your buck when you purchase an electric frying pan, here are a couple of things I recommend you keep in mind:


When it comes to choosing the right size for an electric frying pan, there are three questions that you should answer. First question is “How much counter space do I have?” If your countertops are completely free of any other kitchen tool, you can feel free to get medium or large sized electric frying pans that are about 14-inches in diameter.

The second question you should answer is “How much food do I plan to cook?” If you live alone or cook only for one or two people, you will do just fine with a normal 12-inch diameter electric frying pan. Otherwise, you should choose a larger pan with at least a 14-icnh diameter cooking surface to easily cook large amounts of food without having your ingredients spill out from the pan.

Lastly, the third question you should answer is “How much storage space do I have?” Unless you plan to never put away your electric frying pan, knowing how much space is available on your kitchen cupboards can help save you a trip back to the store or shipping a product back to the shop. Before you purchase an electric frying pan, make sure to completely measure the insides of your cupboards.

#Non-Stick Surface

Try to choose an electric frying pan that comes with a non-stick cooking surface. Most electric frying pans today are made from heavy-duty aluminum that comes with a non-stick or ceramic coating. Making sure that your electric frying pan has a completely non-stick cooking surface can help you cook food without worrying that your ingredients will get stuck on the surface of the pan.

Its non-stick properties also come handy when cleaning the cooking tool.  Some cooking surfaces can even be cleansed with a wipe of a damp cloth. However, one thing you need to be mindful of when it comes to non-stick coatings is that they can easily be scratched off when you use metal or steel utensils. The best thing you can do to protect your electric frying pan’s non-stick coating is to use wooden or plastic utensils instead while cooking.


Take your budget into consideration. Buying a cheaper one might seem like a good idea, but you could be compromising on quality and durability. You get what you pay for when it comes to this product.

#Heat Settings

One of the things that an electric frying pan can offer is its ability to maintain consistent heat better than conventional stove tops. Look for electric frying pans with no-fuss and, fool-proof heat settings that are easy to understand and use. Most people prefer electric frying pans that come with a simple dial for setting the heat. If you are not into dials, then you may want to get one with soft touch buttons instead.


If you plan to use your electric frying pan when you are on the go, you might want to choose electric frying pans that can be easily packed in your bag or in your car. Try to choose an electric frying pan that comes with detachable parts or a compact size for easy transport.


The last and most important thing you should consider before purchasing an electric frying pan is maintenance. Try to choose an electric frying pan that is made from low-maintenance materials and one that is easy to clean. Look for one that you can safely stick in the dishwasher. Keep the warranty in mind as well and make sure you can easily find parts for it in case you need to have it repaired.

Which Electric Frying Pan Should You Get?


Cuisinart is a household name when it comes to kitchen and cooking appliances. One of the products from Cuisinart with benefits you don’t want to miss out on is the CSK-150 electric skillet.

This electric skillet will allow you to cook large amounts of food, thanks to its huge cooking surface that can reach temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also equipped with a fine glass lid that features a steam vent, great for maintaining a balanced temperature inside the pan.

Another thing worth noting about this product is that it can be used for deep-frying as well. It’s even dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.


  • Great for cooking large amounts of food
  • Ideal for large families
  • Is completely dishwasher safe
  • Can maintain temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can be used for deep-frying
  • Comes with a glass lid


  • Doesn’t come with a manufacturer warranty
  • The handles can get hot
  • The plug can be a bit hard to fit in electric sockets

Another product that is great for large families is Presto’s 16-inch electric skillet. This electric frying pan will let you deep-fry, sear, simmer, braise, boil, and griddle with ease. What made this product one of the best electric frying pans in the market today is its large cooking surface that completely eliminates the need to cook several batches just to serve food enough for a big crowd.

One thing you will like about this cooking tool is its accessible and affordable price tag. It’s also a cinch to clean and maintain.


  • Great for large families
  • Can be used as a deep-fryer
  • Can reach cooking temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Great for cooking large amounts of food
  • Has a 16-inch cooking surface
  • Comes with a glass lid
  • Is very presentable


  • Can be really heavy
  • Requires a lot of counter space
  • Requires a lot of storage space
De'Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

You can’t go wrong with this electric skillet that packs a punch when it comes to impressive features. It’s an inexpensive electric skillet that won’t hurt the budget of a person who needs a multi-purpose cooking tool to use at home.

De’Longhi has long been a reputable craftsman when it comes to kitchen tools and this one is not an exception. You can tell that it’s built to last with its solid body that is made from die cast aluminum. It also has a lot of power, so you can cook whatever it is you need to cook without spending a long time in front of your skillet.

People who don’t want to be bothered with too much clean-up will also find this product a great buy, thanks to its dishwasher-safe features. Your dishwasher will do all the cleaning work for you.


  • The skillet is big enough to accommodate small to big-sized meal portions
  • The surface has a non-stick coating, perfect for frying ingredients that tend to stick like fish
  • The heating element is embedded, which is what makes this product produce heat efficiently and evenly
  • It comes with a glass lid, so you can check your food with ease. The lid also has steam vent holes, perfect for releasing stem and preventing moisture build-up inside
  • It’s so simple to clean as the parts can be disassembled
  • It can keep food warm, so you can display the entire equipment on your table, great for entertaining guests
  • There’s plenty of room for you to mix your ingredients inside. No worries that your ingredients will spill out


  • This is definitely not adequate enough to do simmering
  • Some commented on how their skillet produced an annoying sound while running
  • Some also said the non-stick coating wore off fast for them

If you are looking for a compact sized electric frying pan that comes at an affordable price, the Rival 11-inch Square Electric Skillet may be the best choice for you. What’s great about this product is that despite its smaller size, it doesn’t lack the capability to allow you to cook whatever meal you want.

Another great thing about the Rival electric frying pan is that it comes with a removable temperature control setting that will allow you to place the entire skillet in your dishwasher. You can even use it as a fin server since the design is eye-catching.


  • Comes with a glass lid
  • Has a very compact size
  • Is very lightweight
  • Is great for beginners
  • Is dishwasher safe
  • Can be used as a server
  • Has an attractive looking design
  • Is very affordable
  • Does not require much counter space
  • ​Is very portable
  • Does not require much storage space


  • Not great for cooking large meals
  • Not great for large families
  • Cannot be used for deep-frying
Oster Electric Skillet

Another large electric frying pan included in this list is Oster’s 16-inch stainless steel electric skillet. What makes this product a great choice is that it comes with a tempered glass lid that is designed to withstand high heat temperatures and to prevent messy spills. Another great thing about this electric skillet’s lid is that it helps create moist food by fitting snugly over the pan to maintain and maximize the heat temperatures inside.

However, what I like best about this product is that it can heat up really quick. If you are always in a hurry, going with this pan will certainly save you from hectically trying to make up for the time you lost while cooking.


  • Is great for cooking large amounts of food
  • Is ideal for large families
  • Can heat up really fast
  • Comes with a tempered glass lid


  • Doesn’t come with non-slip feet
  • Requires a lot of counter space
  • Requires a lot of storage space

The Winner

Still on the fence as to what to get? You can’t go wrong with any of these products. If budget is an issue, we recommend getting the De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet, the Presto Electric Skillet with Glass Cover and the Oster Stainless Steel Electric Skillet. They are your least expensive options, but they certainly aren’t lacking in the basic electric skillet features you might be looking for. They are also easy to use and can help you cook a wide range of recipes. These options are perfect for home use.

Get the more mid-range Cuisinart Oval Electric Skillet if you are looking for a bigger-sized skillet that you can use for cooking bigger batches of meals. It is a perfect choice for those who throw parties a lot or those who do a lot of catering.

The Rival Square Electric Skillet is the most expensive one but it’s certainly a great investment for people who have a catering business or who often hosts parties at home. Get a lot of these so you can do one-pot meals and then serve your food without transferring it on a separate plate.

There are several options of the best electric skillet to choose from and the Presto Electric Skillet with Glass Cover offers several advantages so we highly recommend it!

Knowing all these, you should already have an idea which electric frying pan is the best for you. Make sure you check out our homepage to learn more about the best cookware to buy for the money and find out what people are saying about these products.

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