Reign is rapidly becoming a well-known name in the energy drinks market. The brand claims to be a “total body fuel”, and so we decided to take a close look at its ingredients to assess whether Reign is what it claims to be.

A 16 oz. Reign bottle contains 300mg of caffeine, which makes one come very close to the daily recommended caffeine intake that is 400mg, according to studies. Therefore for an average coffee drinker, they would have to limit their intake to one cup of coffee and one bottle of Reign to stay within the recommended limits of caffeine.

However, the beverage’s website states that they use only naturally sourced caffeine, which comes from plants, instead of artificial caffeine, which is synthetically produced. Synthetically produced caffeine is used more popularly in soft drinks and other energy drinks and comes from Chinese pharmaceutical plants.

While your body will rapidly absorb it and provide you with the quick energy boost you need, it would also quicker crash than naturally produced caffeine. 

Naturally sourced caffeine is found in green tea. It is quite different from artificial caffeine. Our body absorbs it at a slow pace, which does not give you the sudden caffeine rush like synthetic caffeine does and instead provides you with more sustained energy over time. 

While caffeine can also give one jitters or shakes, green tea caffeine does not involve that risk because of an antioxidant called L-theanine, which is found naturally in it. Reign should be commended for using healthy stuff in their drinks.

The brand takes pride in selling sugar-free and calorie-free energy drinks. Sucralose is the primary sweetener in their drink, which needs extensive research to determine its health effects on humans.

However, studies conducted on mice have shown it to be linked to higher cancer rates in them. Additionally, Ace-K is a zero-calorie sweetener found in Reign’s sugar-free drinks, which has also been tested on mice.

It was revealed that Ace-K was linked to cancer, problems in brain function, and thyroid issues. As a safer alternative, Reign could look into replacing their sugary content with Erythritol and Stevia, which are naturally found in small quantities in fruits and vegetables. 

Erythritol does not spike blood sugar levels or insulin, and so it an excellent substitute for diabetic people. It also acts as an antioxidant and reduces blood vessel damage, which has resulted from increased blood sugar levels. 

Stevia, on the other hand, contains no calories whatsoever as compared to the 6 percent found in erythritol. Research has shown that stevia can help treat diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. It also contains antioxidant compounds, which can decrease the chances of pancreatic cancer by around 23 percent.

Moreover, Reign energy drinks also contain BCAAs (Branched-CHain Amino Acids), which are essential amino acids found in our protein foods and a significant energy source for our bodies. 

Some examples of foods that contain these are meat, milk, whey, eggs, lentils, and chickpeas, to name a few. While BCAAs provide a range of health benefits, they can also have some adverse effects, such as reducing serotonin production if consumed in high doses. 

While this is good concerning exercise as serotonin makes you feel exhausted, it can be risky at the same time as serotonin is needed to regulate our anxiety levels and overall mood.

So is there a healthier alternative to Reign energy drink? KILL CLIFF Ignite is an absolute sugar-free energy drink with natural sweeteners providing the sudden rush of that much-needed energy. 

It includes FDA approved ingredients and provides you with 10 percent of the daily value of magnesium and potassium that aids in regulating hydration and blood flow. 

So if you are looking for sustained energy to get you through a hectic day, or you need a healthy pre-workout drink to feel energized during your exercise, KILL CLIFF is the way to go!

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