What Gadgets Will Help You Cook a Dish Quickly?

Cooking is such a great hobby. The only problem here is time. Not many have enough of it. Time becomes a big obstacle for all the people who want a nice homemade dinner. Fortunately, technology is here to help. Of course, no modern kitchen can exist without at least several cool gadgets. These are the tools to help you cook healthy meals with little time or effort.

We all have at least several kitchen gadgets at home. However, how to know which gadgets to keep or buy and which just take up space on your shelves? Well, first of all, look at their functionality and purpose. Think about what you usually cook and where you can save some time in the process. Next, seek gadgets that can do the trick for you. Overall, we have prepared a list of ten kitchen gadgets you won’t regret buying. These are the gadgets to help you cook a dish quickly.

Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife should be present in everyone’s kitchen. You should never neglect the role of a sharp knife in the kitchen. It makes all the difference in the world. Indeed, dull knives cause most problems and health risks in the kitchen. Of course, chef’s knives are quite expensive. Yet, they will serve you for years and years as long as you take good care of them.

Overall, you can’t move far in your cooking skills without a good knife and strong knife skills. Yet, you need the former to build the latter. So, don’t think twice and start by equipping your kitchen with a professional knife.

Slow Cooker

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t think they even need any other kitchen gadget than a slow cooker. This technology has it all. It can make you almost any dish you can think of while requiring minimal effort from your side. Indeed, it’s easy to see why slow cookers are so popular. These gadgets allow you to think like a pro in the kitchen. They come with limitless functions while also being super easy to use and clean. What more could you ask for?

Overall, slow cookers are a perfect option for those who don’t like to cook, don’t have the skills or time. For example, it should come as a surprise that slow cookers are most popular among students. Sure, not everyone wants to spend an entire evening in the kitchen after a long day in school. In fact, in such cases, students often have to choose between ordering take-out instead of cooking or looking for essays help online. The latter can be a nice option for people who value a delicious homemade meal. After all, not everyone is a writer, but everyone can be a chef.

Food Processor

Food processors have made the routine of prepping dinners so much easier. Overall, their only function in the kitchen is to save you lots of time. You get to put any products you want into a processor and wait for them to get diced, cut, or else. A good food processor takes less than a minute to deal with whatever you’ve thrown in them. Isn’t it a miracle? Besides, many recipes are almost impossible to make without a modern food processor. After all, how can you make hummus without pureeing the chickpeas first?

Food Scale

Precision in cooking is very important. This is why a food scale can be your perfect new kitchen gadget. Scales will make your cooking precise and accurate. Moreover, no baker can do their work without scales. Sure, you can measure everything in cups and spoons. Still, a scale can speed up the process and give you better results.

Coffee Machine

Coffee machines are among the absolute essentials in many kitchens. Indeed, they make the coffee-making process much easier. Depending on the machine, you’ll just need to press a button or two, put in some ground beans or a pod, and wait a minute. Of course, more sophisticated coffee lovers tend to prefer filters or other alternative coffee machines like Aeropress or pour-over. However, these brewing methods require just a little more time than a traditional espresso machine.

By the way, good coffee can also make you more alert and energized, which, in a way, helps you stay efficient in the kitchen. You may even learn and do more by sipping coffee and ordering research from academic writing sites like Writeanessayfor.me, or similar to distract you from academic problems. Students often rely on professionals, so why wouldn't you? Overall, a good cup of coffee can go a long way.

A Stand Mixer

All home bakers can’t imagine their lives without stand mixers. If you are not a baker, the absence of a stand mixer can be a big reason why. Such a gadget is a perfect tool for making bread and other types of dough. It works fast and efficiently, so you don’t have to suffer from muscle cramps in your forearms.

Sometimes, making good dough without a stand mixer can take up to several hours. That’s why not many people are getting into baking in the first place. Can you imagine students contacting writing services saying, “Can you do my paper for me? I have some dough to make.” Nope, bread-making without a stand mixer is a tough job. Fortunately, you don’t have to know about it firsthand. These gadgets are widely available everywhere.

Non-Stick Skillet

Getting back to the basics, let’s talk about skillets. Consider your job half done already if you have a good skillet. Isn’t it a shame to waste all your time and efforts on a bad, sticking skillet? Of course, it is! That’s why you should take care of this crucial equipment before filling your kitchen with anything else. In general, getting a non-stick skillet is a great investment for your future experiments in the kitchen. That’s the only way to cook well with minimal distractions and unnecessary challenges.


Have you ever tried zucchini spaghetti? Do you like long carrot slices in a salad? Well, then, perhaps, you already know how much time those long forms can take by hand. Fortunately, a spiralizer can do this job for you. This gadget exists with the sole purpose of making a long spiral of whatever vegetable you put in it. Do you know how many dishes you can make with it? A whole ton!

Moreover, a spiralizer is often used in vegan, vegetarian, and even raw diets. Hence, getting such a device in your kitchen can lead to more healthy meals at home. Not to mention that it’s super easy and fun to work with.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s not forget that a big part of cooking is cleaning. Indeed, many home cooks spend more time cleaning their kitchens than cooking a meal. Such a situation only shows how important cleaning kitchen gadgets are. Thus, robot vacuum cleaners should always be present in your kitchen.

They are fast, efficient, and take up little space. You won’t have to worry about anything falling on the floor while cooking. A vacuum robot will take care of it. Also, such a gadget helps you focus on what’s important. Thus, you won't be wasting time cleaning the floor.

Pasta Maker

Let’s go to a higher league here. Not many people choose to make fresh pasta at home. Though, those who do certainly need a pasta maker. It’s simply impossible to make a perfectly shaped and thin pasta without the right gadget. Of course, not many households have it. Yet, if you’ve ever tried making pasta at home, you know, rolling the dough is anything but easy.

Sure, since pasta makers aren’t that popular, these gadgets are rather expensive. However, think of all the pasta you can make! A few rolls through the machine, and you will have a perfect dough, ready for any pasta of any shape. You can also make udon, ravioli, dumplings, and many others. Pasta usually requires only two or three ingredients: water, flour, and eggs. It is surprisingly cheap! Making it at home will save you a lot of money. Not to mention what a difference in taste homemade pasta makes.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has also given you an idea or two on what to cook next in your kitchen. As you can see, we don’t need to spend much time in the kitchen unless they want to. Such a great variety of gadgets exist for a reason. People rely on technology to make their lives easier. Being more efficient and productive in the kitchen leaves you more time for studying.

So, the benefits of having kitchen gadgets are obvious. You get to eat better, save time, and spend less time in the kitchen. Yet, you’ll also learn that such gadgets can help you build a new hobby and improve your cooking skills a lot. You may not have much free time yet, you still deserve good food and comfortable kitchens. So, make the right gadget choices, adjust your kitchen to your needs, and never neglect the importance of good food and healthy eating habits.

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