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Best Portable Blender For Travel (2019): Reviews Of Our Favorite Small Smoothie Makers

Getting freshly blended fruit juices or protein shakes are always better than keeping pre-blended ingredients in a glass. The only problem with this idea is that there’s completely no way of getting them without having to go home or buying them from a store.

This is where travel blenders come into the picture. With these nifty inventions, it is now possible for people who are always on the go to get freshly-blended smoothies. This is what you need to keep up with a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

These days, there is a cornucopia of travel blenders to choose from. You might find yourself lost and daunted as to what to choose. If you want to get yourself a nice travel blender, but you don’t really have any idea how to choose the best one for yourself, then this article is for you. This article will enlighten you on all the facts that you need to know about getting the best travel blender that you can buy online.

5 Simple And Easy Creole Mustard Substitutes You Should Know About

Every once in awhile, I encounter an ingredient that I didn’t know about before. In a recent case, that’s Creole mustard. I may have cooked numerous recipes that made me familiar with all sorts of ingredients, but I never really heard of Creole mustard until I decided to make this New Orleans-style sauce.

Since I don’t really let my lack of knowledge interfere with my cooking, I did a little research and I found out what Creole mustard is. Unfortunately, it was an ingredient that I had no access to. But that didn’t stop me from making my New Orleans-style sauce.

I ended up doing a bunch of research and after a couple of hours, I learned about 5 different Creole mustard substitutes that I’m going to share with you below. Read on and let’s start cooking!

What Is The Best Vegetable Dicer For Uncooked Vegetables?

Slicing and dicing vegetables is one cooking task that may require you a lot of time, especially when you’re no professional cook. Chefs on television make it look like an easy task. They cut through fruits and vegetables really quick. Some professional cooks can even dice a whole onion within one minute.

If you’re like any average home cook, dicing a vegetable or fruit will definitely take you more than a minute if all you have is a knife. It’s a good thing vegetable dicers were invented. Because of those little contraptions, dicing all sorts of vegetables can be done in mere seconds, even when you don’t have enough culinary experience with a knife.

Want to start dicing your vegetables faster without using a knife? All you have to do is get a vegetable dicers and let it do all the work.

Read on to find out all the things you need to know in order to get the best vegetable dicer for your home.

Quick Comparison: Top Vegetable Dicer For Uncooked Vegetables 2019

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How To Make The Mcdonald’s Sausage Gravy Recipe

Even though fast food has gotten a bad rap for lacking the quality that other restaurant foods can offer, you simply can’t deny how comforting fast food can be. Mcdonald’s for one is a fast food chain that has made numerous people from all over the world quite happy with their cheeseburgers and fries.

But aside from their famous burgers, one meal has always stood out from the Mcdonald’s menu, and that’s the Mcdonald’s breakfast sausage meal. However, I personally think the sausage gravy is the ultimate star of this dish. It has a great creamy yet salty taste that is rich yet not overwhelming at the same time.

Because of my love for Mcdonald’s sausage gravy, I decided to find a way to make it at home myself. After all, I couldn’t just run back and forth to Mcdonald’s to and buy a whole meal every time if I’m just after their gravy.

After a little bit of research, I finally found out the right Mcdonald’s sausage gravy recipe. I figured that I may not be the only one who constantly craves for this sauce, that’s why I decided to write this simple guide on how you can make it at home.

Best Measuring Spoons (2019): Reviews Of Our Favorite Sets For Home Chefs

Cooking is both an art and a science. In order to get consistent results, you need to make sure your ingredients are properly measured. This is true, especially in baking. You need to make sure you follow the correct measurement of ingredients, otherwise, you could end up with a baked good that is too tough or doesn’t taste right. You can also end up with a flat cake or one that tastes too much like flour. The consistency and the flavor of the food you produce will depend largely on how well you measure your ingredients. 

Though most cooking recipes usually allow for a margin of error, recipes for baking do not. In fact, that’s what makes baking a hard cooking method to perfect. With baking, you have to be extremely accurate with your measurements. Otherwise, it could lead to ruining the overall quality and flavor of the dish you are baking.

One handy kitchen tool you can always rely on for perfect measurements is the measuring spoon. With a reliable set of measuring spoons at your disposal, you will be able to follow strict recipes without committing any mistakes.

If you want to get yourself a decent measuring spoon set, do continue to read this article as it will cover everything you need to know in order to find the best measuring spoons for your kitchen. We searched for the best ones when it comes to accuracy, quality of materials and beauty.

Quick Comparison: Top Measuring Spoon 2019

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Frozen Whipped Topping: What It Is And How To Make It

If you are a fan of decadent desserts and you like making them at home, I’m sure you must have stumbled upon numerous ingredients. One of the ingredients you may have encountered is frozen whipped topping or frozen whipped cream.

Not familiar with this ingredient? Well, if you want to continue making more kinds of desserts, you should become familiar with this ingredient at once. I think it is one of the most used ingredients in the culinary world when it comes to making all sorts of sweets.

It’s a good thing you’ve come to the right place, because in this article, you will learn all about what frozen whipped topping is, how to make it, how to store it, and how long it can last until it goes bad.

Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have gained enough knowledge on another useful ingredient in the kitchen that could make you become a better dessert cook.

Best Lasagna Pan Reviews (2019): Perfect Dishes For Knockout Results

Baking a batch of lasagna isn’t that hard. With the right set of tools and ingredients, you can easily create a fine batch or two of this hearty pasta dish. One thing that you should always have at your disposal when it comes to baking lasagnas are lasagna pans.

Having a reliable lasagna pan in your kitchen will allow you to create perfectly cooked lasagna that will be able to hold itself up after removing it from the pan.

If you are currently looking for a nice lasagna pan that you would like to use at home or give as a gift, then I suggest you continue reading this article for it will contain all the information you need to know when it comes to buying lasagna pans.

In this article, you will learn about how to choose a lasagna pan, how to make classic lasagna with it, and a list of the 5 best lasagna pans that you can buy online. Find out which pans can offer durability and ease of usage.

Quick Comparison: Top Lasagna Pans 2019

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How To Cook The Famous Ronzoni Lasagna Recipe

Of all the types of pasta in the world, my true favorite is the lasagna. Unlike most kinds of pasta, lasagna is a very hearty dish that you can fill will all sorts of ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and cheeses.

What I love most about lasagna is that it’s very easy to make for parties. Unlike regular spaghetti that would require you to perform all kinds of culinary tasks such as continuous stirring and sifting, lasagna recipes only require you to prep and wait. You really don’t have to do anything in the cooking process.

Want to try making your own lasagna at home? If it’s your first time making lasagna, I suggest you go get a box of no-boil Ronzoni lasagna for easier cooking. Don’t worry if you don’t have any clue as to how you can cook it, because in this article I will provide you with all the instructions you need in order to cook the Ronzoni lasagna recipe.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!​

Best Zester Reviews (2019): Top-Rated Tools For Lemons, Limes & More

Whether you are preparing a zesty meal or creating lumps of citrus fruit peels for garnish, you simply can’t deny the practicality of having a good zester at your disposal.

Before I got myself a zester for my culinary needs, I used to get the zest of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes with the use of a classic cheese grater. Sure, a cheese grater did help me get the job done, but it wasn’t nearly as effective as a real zester.

If you are done with using a cheese grater for getting the zest off of fruits, then I’m sure you will enjoy reading this complete guide on buying the best zester. In this article, you will learn about the different kinds of zesters in the market and how to effectively use them.

Below you will also find a short list of the 5 best zesters you will be able to purchase online. We chose them based on their functionality, ease of use and price range.

Quick Comparison: Top Zester For Lemons, Oranges, And Limes 2019

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

All You Need To Know About The Dallas BBQ Sticky Wings Recipe

I can’t forget the first time I had a taste of those sticky wings from Dallas BBQ. Unlike other BBQ chicken wings I have tasted, the ones from Dallas BBQ were very succulent. I can even remember licking off the sauce from my fingers because I ate the whole thing with my hands.

Ever since then, I have gained a constant craving for Dallas BBQ sticky wings. The problem is, I don’t always have the time to go down to the restaurant and wait to get served, especially when Dallas BBQ is usually a busy place.

Because of my constant craving for their sticky wings, I set out to try and create my own version right at my kitchen. After a couple of tries, I finally ended up with something that’s very similar to Dallas BBQ sticky wings.

If you too would like to cook a batch of yummy Dallas BBQ sticky wings, then I would like to encourage you to read on. This article will contain a simple guide on how to cook my made-from-scratch Dallas BBQ sticky wings recipe as well as a couple of tips on how you can add a twist to it to make it a little better.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!