Are Jonathan Broughton Watches Good? (An Honest Review)

I want to start this post by letting you know that I want to answer some questions about Jonathan Broughton Watches. So I’ll be writing this in a question and answer format. With that being said, let’s hop in!

This is also not a paid endorsement, and I do not receive any affiliate commission for this review. These are my honest opinions.

  • What Movements Do Jonathan Broughton Watches Use?

Great question! They use quite a few different mechanical movements. In case what you mean is: “Does Jonathan Broughton use battery-powered Quartz movements?” the answer is no. They only produce watches that are powered by springs; mechanical calibers. Which movement does Jonathan Broughton Watches use? Jonathan Broughton currently uses Swiss-Made, SW200 movements (based on the ETA 2824 caliber movement).

  • Are Jonathan Broughton Movements In-House Movements?

Many of their calibers are derived from ├ębauche movements which are a template of sorts where Jonathan Broughton receives an unfinished movement that is modular and allows them to add their own features to accommodate the needs of whichever watch in which it will be used.

One example would be the Casanova watch, which is a watch that uses a base of an ETA2836-2 caliber which is an automatic caliber made by ETA, a subsidiary of a watchmaking conglomerate called Swatch Group. So, is there a Jonathan Broughton in-house movement? If not, is that bad?

This is not to say that Jonathan Broughton’s movements are inferior. ETA makes great movements and Jonathan Broughton Watches makes great improvements to them. Some believe that a brand’s prestige is directly linked to how much of its own components are made entirely in-house. Most watchmakers are not equipped to do everything in-house but the ones that do are widely celebrated.

  • Who Makes Jonathan Broughton Watches?

Jonathan Broughton watches are created and owned solely by Jonathan Broughton, an American-born watchmaker.

  • Are Jonathan Broughton Watches made in Swizerland?

Jonathan Broughton watches are assembled in North America, though many of their movements are purchased and adjusted by the same Swiss manufacturers as many large luxury Swiss watch brands.

  • Are Jonathan Broughton Watches good?

Is Jonathan Broughton a good watch? They make solid watches. Many would compare the quality to be on par with that of TAG Heuer and Longines. Their movements can easily be spotted with their distinctive custom rotors.

  • How are Jonathan Broughton Watches?

Are you asking the question in the context of “Are Jonathan Broughton watches worth the money?”. They offer lots of bang for the buck. Is Jonathan Broughton a luxury watch? The type of watch you would get from Jonathan Broughton exceeds what you would expect for their lower price tag when compared to other luxury watch brands that have Swiss-made watches with the very same features. They also come with a 2-year warranty. Some consider Jonathan Broughton a luxury brand that is in the middle of the market with Omega and Rolex, while others who collect very high-end and more up-market watches would completely disagree. It really depends on who is looking at it. 

  • How accurate are Jonathan Broughton Watches?

For this review, I used a Jonathan Broughton Casanova watch. When testing on my timegrapher, my watch consistently ran at +/-2 seconds per day. For comparison, Rolex movements are COSC regulated movements, which claim to be +/-4 seconds per day.

  • Are Jonathan Broughton Watches reliable?

After using my Jonathan Broughton watch for quite some time now, I can say that it has been highly reliable.

  • Are Jonathan Broughton Watches luxury?

They are what some would consider affordable luxury or value-added luxury. Jonathan Broughton is by no stretch considered ultra high-horology or high-end compared to brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, or Jacob and Co. They compare more closely priced to brands such as Tag Heuer or Omega.

  • Why are Jonathan Broughton Watches so expensive?

Compared to most luxury watch brands Jonathan Broughton is at the most affordable end when you consider the value that they provide. They’re actually well priced. It’s important at this point to note that Jonathan Broughton only makes automatic watches. Compare that to a lower-market fashion brand like Michael Kors, which are usually powered by mediocre calibers and, more often than not, a cheap $2 Japanese Quartz movement. Jonathan Broughton, on the other hand, is actually very well priced comparatively speaking especially considering what’s “under the hood”.

  • How much do Jonathan Broughton watches cost?

Jonathan Broughton watches start at $2,000 for their lower models. The company stated that it will release higher-tier models in the future.

  • Why are Jonathan Broughton watches so cheap?

Chances are, because of the quality they offer, Jonathan Broughton could charge more for their product if they wanted to, and they would get it. But that would close off their ability to target a larger audience of people who can only afford the watch at a lower price.

It seems that their strategy is to make less profit off each watch but at the same time sell more watches and have more people in the world wearing their watches and hence advertising their brand.

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